Unofficial What Did You Get For Christmas? Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by smokethesmoke, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. How was errbodys chritmus? Get anything good?

    some dope sweatshirts
    biking clothes
    lottery tickets (won 12 bucks, fuck yea :smoking:)
  2. There's already like 4 of these threads haha.
  3. Three sweatshirts
    Gift Card
    Keurig coffee maker
    Box of chocolates
    Henry and David pears :) :)
    And a check from my gma for $5. Love her.
  4. 16 brownies, ounce of granddaddy purp, ounce of sour diesel c:

    lots of candles and posters

    some clothes, socks and stuffe
  5. 4 gift cards total 270$
    bluetooth beats
    a coach wallet
    a good seat for a 76ers game
  6. Jacket. That is all.
  7. Three flannels and a pair of khakis
  8. some primo hash
    gift cards to a healthy ass grocrey store(my favorite)
    and some plant that when i grow it it moves when i touch it.
  9. Bottle of Crown Royal Maple finish, My kids got me a new pepper mill, The Mrs. well a great gift anyway :)

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