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Unofficial stupidest thing you have heard from a pot head thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smotpoking, May 15, 2011.

  1. Okay let's be real, there is ignorance even amongst the pot head population, this thread is for sharing all the myths pot smokers have told you. I'll start of some dumbass kid once told me that sugar ruins your high, and some other kid claims that dank weed is harmless but schwagg "is the type of weed that kills your braincells"
  2. Showers ruin ur high
  3. they do.
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    I'm sure it varies by person or it's in your head. I've never had a shower that killed my high.
  5. yesterday my pops told me that pesticides dont matter.....
  6. clean bongs are bad, you want to keep it dirty so it filters the bad stuff out.

  7. I gotta admit they do kinda bring me down a bit but while I'm in there with the room all steamed up I like to imagine it's hotboxed (yeah I'm a saddo like that) and it's like 10 times more relaxing than normal lol.
  8. That it's completely harmless, it doesn't change them at all, & that the union is the greatest most factual and accurate cannabis documentary out there.

    And it's most stupid. Also the shower thing can go both ways. I find it "Cleans" my high, no pun intended.
  9. cigarettes taste better.

    He changed his mind after he smoked some of my dank shit
  10. "Does Chronic mean it has Cocaine in it?" -Carson (ritard)

  11. I believe Chronic is a slang term for weed laced with yeyo though. Either that or its a very common misconception because a lot of people believe this.

    And idk what mine would be I don't really write that type of stuff down/remember it. I'm usually too high.
  12. I cannot agree more, back before my parents were chill with me smoking in the house I used to smoke before I got in the shower and I really though it ruined my high. I don't know why but I'd only get slightly buzzed.
  13. theres a thead many pages long just like this. search button
  14. My mate and i were walking down the street at around 9:30pm (Curfew for under 16 is 11pm, mind you this was in 2005 and we were 15 at the time) we hadnt been smoking/drinking and a cop rocks up, asks to search my freind, my freind (stupidly) allows him to, he gets busted with an 1/8th of bush, copper ask me, i politely say "I do not concent to a search officer" copper trys scaring me into it but eventualy gives up. MINUTES earlier me and my freind were having an argument over declining police searchs haha, guess who won!
  15. When people hold their hits for 30+ seconds and tell me im wasting weed by only holding mine for 6 seconds... lol
  16. I don't want another hit.
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    haha purplemerk i totally feel you man! ahaha! or when some of my buddys think the stale smoke left in the bong (ghosty) dosnt get you high! aha

  18. Hahaha I've had that debate before, and it looked like I lost it too because I gave up trying to reason with the kid. Never thought I'd say it, but it's a damn shame there weren't some cops around then.
  19. What's this hole on the side of your pipe? I think you bought a broken pipe -retarded girl
  20. haha yeah man, most people think that cops are these all-powerful beings who can do whatever they want ahaha!

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