Unofficial smoking, dipping, chewing, drinking, drugs, ect. stories

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  1. K so this thread is about any stories you have about doing the drugs or whatever. They can be about getting caught, having fun or any close calls. Here's mine...
    I just finished smoking up with some of my friends when I see another group of my bros and one of them asks me if I wanna pick up some weed. Of course I'm like sure and tell my other friends goodbye. So I start my stoned journey and in about the middle of it we take a break to smoke a stoge. We come out of the woods after I stumbled and fell and we see one of my friend's girlfriend and guess what? She has a golf cart. So three of us ride to his house and we all meet up and go smoke(my second time) and suddenly my mom calls. So I'm in the middle of hitting this piece called Scuba Steve just sitting on the phone talking to my mom as she gave me compliments. Haha. So we were all week as fuck so we went night swimming and I went to my friends house and we smoked two more times, drank, and dipped. I came home the next day and my mom knew I got fucked up but couldn't prove it. I even saw her text to my dad about it. Haha. She claims she'll get me drug tested but she's too busy.:D
  2. not positive, but im pretty sure gc is green only forum :/. just a heads up.
  3. I think discussion of alcohol/tobacco is okay. Just not anything else.
  4. Lmfao this thread is gonna get closed.

    Alcohol tobacco and weed only
  5. well a few days ago on friday night i was drunk as fuck and took a hit of some 'new york diesel' and i am on probation so if i get called in this week im gonna piss myself before i piss in the cup
  6. i bought unmentionables from a dude named white mike at a concert once
  7. [quote name='"HolyHempis"']i bought unmentionables from a dude named white mike at a concert once[/quote]


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