[Unofficial] New Features (w/ pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by Twistedd, May 14, 2013.

  1. As per what I know, I was able to receive multiple requests and they went through fine ... Maybe the users haven't logged in yet to confirm or something of the sort?

  2. Went through now, were good.:)
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    search function is absolutely worthless as is the subscribed threads link.  only useful thing i've found is the "recent activities" in the "my profile" section
  4. Will all the pictures from people's indoor grow journal's be put back or is this website not letting people do that anymore?
  5. They are still being converted and will be restored once the process is complete, which I'd imagine should be pretty soon now.  :) 
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  6. @Armory Attachments have been restored and we are now only waiting on the upload feature!  :hello: 
    Upload feature is enabled through More Reply Options similar to old forum. But this one has more advantages.
    Both editor has a My Media button 
    View attachment 1211045
    My Media button opens your media library http://d.pr/i/5YLd
    It allows you to browse through your previously uploaded media files http://d.pr/i/x70z
    View attachment 1211046
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    That one is cool...lots of people were confused before when they wanted to put the same pic in different threads...it was possible before, but way easier now...:cool:
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    Yeahhhhh. Congrats and celebrations and stuff on getting the My Content bit working!!

    But just one question, dunno if it's me being stupid or I can't find it or whatever but howwwwww do you unsubscribe from threads now?

    Keep up the good work guys (Y).

    Edit: I re-read that and it seemed like it might be sarcastic. It's not. I genuinely am feeling it coming back together haha. I'm just confused.

    Edit edit: I'm pretty high right now.
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    Instead of My Content, go to Subscribed Threads and use the change button...
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  11. Niceeeeeeeeee!!

    I'm back and ready to cruiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GC!!
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    I can't find a search feature? Are Reps gone as well?
    I'm gunna start going through whats already posted but if some one can let me know about those things  :)
    Edit: Ok so no search function any more?
  13. Search is fully functional and is located on header.
    Just type what you want to search for and click enter or click the advanced search button over there 
  14. I'm with the guys....I'm not sure if I don't like not having reputation. It kinda is an important item in the community, It shows who has the most useful tips and posts and gives the credit for doing so which in turn can motivate people in the right way to write posts in a way to help his/her fellow blades and to bring up good points and arguments in certain subjects...
    I think you guys know what I'm talking about.
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  15. How do you delete posts?
    Hide...it's the same as the soft delete we could do on the other forum...
  17. Are we ever going to be able to delete posts? I want to bump a thread but even though we can't even delete our posts i know I'll get warning points for double posting. 
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    Where is the hide post option? 
  19. I spent a good fifteen minutes looking for it. It's nonexistent. 
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