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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by TheLegendaryGooseman, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Good day blades! :smoke:

    Thought I would start a thread where fellow foragers can share their stories and adventures as well as pictures from their harvests. Any and every mushroom besides magic can be discussed here and if you are having trouble identifying your picks maybe one of us could help ID.

    I myself will be headed up into northern Saskatchewan this coming May to hunt for black morels in the areas that were burned by the forest fires last summer. With any luck there will be good pickings this season and then from the profits made selling them I can travel to BC for pine season. I will be sure to take photos of the trip and will update this thread upon my return.

    Stay high, friends.:smoking-bong:
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  2. I am anxiously awaiting model seasons here in northern Illinois. I haven't found black ones but have found brown, grey and yellow.

    I will post pictures when the season starts!

    I have tons of pictures of different mushrooms and fungus I'll post soon. I just have to transfer them from my computer to my phone.
  3. Morel are easily identifiable. I know there are other edible ones but I don't chance it.
  4. Can't wait to pick morels in northern Michigan we pick lots some years more than others at our deer camp

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  5. Not morels...

    They sell grow lots but if you read about them, it's pretty much impossible to farm morels. That's why they are worth good money and also why you can find them at the store.
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  6. I'm going to Missouri this upcoming weekend. Hella spots. I can't wait.
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  7. They popping up down south already?

    I had a dream last night I was hunting massive morels, my mind is prepped! We had had lots of rain and cook weather, starting yesterday through Monday it'll be 65-70's so maybe they will pop up soon, I'll have to check out my spots this weekend.
  8. I went out yesterday and didn't see any where I found plenty last year. (NW Illinois)
  9. I've never hunted for mushrooms but i would love to start.

    What are good conditions to go hunting for morels?

    Are these junk? No idea what they are. .

  10. IDK what do you mean by junk?

    As far as morels, it depends on where you live. You can Google "morel hunting in Wisconsin" or whatever you are, and you should get an idea when their season starts and where people look. I have only hunted two seasons so I am not the best person to give advise. All I can say is that I found mine in 2 general areas.

    One on the east facing bank of a creek, probably 10feet above creek level, well shaded by trees.

    The other, fairly well shaded forest floor scattered around downed trees.

    A good rule of thumb, if you find one, there is a good chance there are more very nearby.

    Good luck!
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  11. Good news, here in NW Illinois, after today, the next 3 days will be rainy and a high of lower 60's followed by Friday no rain, high of 60. Our Morel friends should be arriving soon!
  12. I got a couple shrooms in Missouri over the weekend. I'll post pics when i'm on my phone and i'll be looking in illinois later this week.
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  13. We found 1 baby morel over the weekend here in NE Oregon, plus some unmentionables growing in some cow pies. Next weekend should be good.
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  14. Got a couple in Missouri, hopefully I'll find some in Illinois this year.

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  15. Today it is now 49 degrees and softly raining, I can feel it, the morels will be here soon! Usually the rule of thumb around here is they appear around mothers day, but as the weather has been, I think they will be popping up this week.
  16. I checked for 1.5hr yesterday and about 15min today, didn't find one, not even a tiny one.
  17. Found a few little guys


  18. Not shrooms and anyway to id you need to take a spore print Google it
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