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  1. Yea, the title is pretty much self explanatory. This might be better in the humor section, but this area gets more views and is also appropriate i guess

    For me, itd have to be something me and my friends used to do every weekend.

    My neighbor next door is a pyscho lawyer. She has two kids, one at my brothers age (freshman in highschool), and one way younger. She CONSTANTLY is screaming at them and her husband who is usually at work. I know she smokes but is not the kind of person id ever be down to burn with. I also know she takes a ton of pain meds and overall just looks extremely trashy. Now, she sits on her porch all day which is adjacent to a ton of trees in my driveway.

    It so happens that the tv located on her porch is the same model as the one in my bedroom AND my brothers bedroom. At all kinds of hours (after parties at 2 A.M, when she was actually out there at 12 at night, etc.), we would hide in the trees with the remote and flip it on. Once it was on, we decided to either put it on a pornography channel extremely loud, or a channel with the snow on and the volume all the way up. The latter was usually hilarious, with the blasting white noise causing every light our cul de sac to turn on and leaving us- usually drunk or high- in stiches. Since my brother is a minor we sometimes would have him sneak onto the patio, right behind where she was sitting. he would change it and eventually she caught on to it being us- after a months worth of hilarity. She would run to our driveway leaving him in the patio alone. the second she would close the patio door he would run and jump into her pool confusing the fuck out of her. he would get out instantly and run to the golfcourse near by.

    By the far the funniest thing ive ever done, feel free to post yours
  2. welll this was a fail.
  3. one time at a bonfire, a buddy passed out on a couch we brought out. kid was out cold. so we decided to bring him and couch into this old barn that had a ton of bats in it and put him in it. pitch ass black in there, creepy as hell. once we had him in the furthest corner from the door we lit about 20 packs of black cats and some bottle rockets and chucked them in.

    he just walked out of the barn doors, eyes wide as hell, looked at everyone and laid down on the ground and passed out again.

    couldn't stop laughing.
  4. hahahah that sounds hilarious man. that new show pranked is full of shit like that
  5. In May, a couple friends and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to dig up a sapling (young tree) and plant it in the middle of our high school's football field as our senior prank.

    Two cases of beer, three shovels, a borrowed truck (with a sober driver), and four hours later, we had completed our goal. One of us got suspended, and he wasn't allowed to walk with us for graduation, but he agrees that it was worth it. Plus we gave him two handles of Captain for not snitching on us.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Butter floor[/ame]

  7. I want to know if the guy stopped slamming the door.. I mean really, it's a dick move to slam a door while everyone is sleeping.
  8. Seriously lol but shit that was some great revenge :hello:
  9. haha i feel like this thread could be filled with funny shit. keep them coming
  10. If you wanna play a great prank on someone, you should do it over the phone... One time I called my assistant manager at work from my managers cell phone # using Spoof App on my iPhone. Funniest shit ever! I had him sweatin bullets, he thought he was about to be fired, by the time I tried to tell him it was me on the phone he was cussing me out to my face while thinking he had my manager on hold because I was disturbing him in meeting! I almost pissed my pants... I think you can buy spoof app calling cards online its fucking sweet!
  11. hahaha good idea man. my friend had a thing you put over the speaker on the phone and it changed your voice. we did it to my friends dad while he was at a baseball game and it was hilarious
  12. one time i put a grasshopper, on a girl
  13. haha well thanks for trying to keep this thread alive :smoking: i guess i thought alot more stoners would enjoy blazing and then messing around with people. Then again it was a couple years ago that i did that but i still do shit like it with friends all the time haha
  14. One day I went on Oprah and shit on her stage, Smeared it in with her face, then peed on the audience.

    True story.
  15. Probably the best prank I ever pulled was when me and my friend stole some catnip and then we started giving it to people saying it was just some shwag weed and my friend's brother along wth his 2 cousins rolled a blunt of it, apparently they threw it away after about two hits LOL.
  16. i was at a mall and someone asked me if i had the time. i said no, but had a watch on. o man it was great. another time i rang a doorbell then ran away to hide in a bush. i know, i was CRAZY as a kid, such a badass. another time i tapped someone on the back of their left shoulder then walked in front of them by going around them to the right. it was awesome. also i told someone they had something on their shirt and pointed to where the spot would be. when they looked down i politely hit them in the face. so far its a helluva good prank, but hilarity really ensued when they woke up in a tub of ice with no kidneys. man, it was the best!
  17. some sweet pranks you got there :rolleyes:
  18. one night me and my friend contemplated tying up a friend of ours in a bed after he passed out on seroquel and waking him up with the lights off
  19. i took a 60 count of eggs and threw every last one of them at a dealers house back in high school. Set a few things on fire too but that was then :smoking:

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