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  1. Dont you hate getting paranoid and sketching over parents lol
  2. Last summer i smoked some sourD and i had the munchies and i decided to go eat at burger king. I noticed a guy go walk into a restroom. 5 mins later all i heard was: "Im a nasty mothafucka" and yelling and moaning. I was so tripped out my heart was beating. There was like two girls waiting online to use the female restroom. Moments later someone summoned a bk employee whom knocked on the door telling the person to get out. Than a guy walked out and hopped in his truck. He was in the female bathroom grunting and shiit making noises by himself in the girls bathroom. It was some real freaky shit.
  3. Ha a year ago I was at work and I ate a bunch of brownies because they were taking a long time to kick in but ha once they did kick in I was high as shit. I don't remember all of it because.I was so.high but it kicked in on break like I bought a meatball sub from the deli thing and some cheetos which was surprisingly good but I started laughing at this guy because he was saying some off the wall stuff like "I hate playing on all Madden because they cheat" and was telling people how he beat me bad when he onlywn with a last second field goal. But while I was back there chilling this hot girl Marlee who I work with and sat next to in one of my classes who my girlfriend also happens hate came to the break room too. There was this newspaper in front of us and apparently I was trying to read it but I kept looking at the word "see" and thinking it was sex so I asked Marlee to read it to me. Then I got a boner because Marlee was pretty hot but I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend so I called her to ask if we could have a threesome but she got really mad at me so I blamed it on the weed but I wanted that threesome :-\. An hour or so later it was out and leave but I saw a cop by the clock so I couldn't clock out so I left quickly but when my mom was driving me home I got really sick and when I got home I threw up and it was brown and smelled like weed. It's too bad we didn't have school the next day so it.didn't matter if I was "sick" or not. It was an ok night but I guess I was too high
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    One of my best stoner memories: Back in the late 90s, when I was living in Long Beach, my husband's best friend was dating the mom of the drummer of a very popular band.

    His mom was having a birthday party for him at her home, and since she was dating my husband's best friend, we were invited to come and hang out. I didnt get to hang out with the drummer and his girlfriend much, but I spent most of the party hanging out with his mom, and towards the end of the party, we were hanging out in her garage, smoking and just chilling. She was so down-to-earth and cool.

    The whole night was just so laid back. Definitely one of my best toker memories.

    ** Edited to remove the name of the band.....Im not sure if I'm allowed to give specifics **
  5. well why the fuck did they ditch you originally, did they ever tell you?
  6. A couple of acquaintances were going to this "party" about 30-40 minutes away, they offered to give me gas money if I drove and came with them and I had no plans so I said what the hell. On the way there one girls tells us that the guy whose house we're going to is this guy she met online that she's gonna have sex with. So then throughout the ride we start thinking that this might be a bit sketchy.

    We get to where he lives, turns out it's a gated community and he had "forgotten" to mention that to us, so she calls him and he calls in, but apparently got her name wrong so we just went with it.

    We get there, he has this nasty-looking gravity bong in his garage so we smoke a bit but they barely had any. We're all pretty high at this point though, the guy is fucking smashed and none of his friends there could remember their names. It wasn't a party, it was 4 girls going over to a guy's house with his 2 friends. We start walking around the community, security everywhere, seems really upscale so me and my friends are sketching out because we're more sober than the rest, they start running around everywhere, we ended up breaking into the community center and stealing coffee and munchies.

    Then we see security so we split and ran back to his house, my friend went inside to do it with internet guy(we never did learn their names...) which leaves me and my other friend sitting in the courtyard with his friends, which were evidently tripping on shrooms. So we're sitting there fucking with them, then we smoked more cause one had a bit more bud, and I was blitzed and don't really remember when/why, but we ended up inside. Suddenly there's a commotion and apparently the guy's older brother's girlfriend came over who would apparently rat, I just remember hiding under this random dude's bed in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar city listening to what's going on and I couldn't understand anything.

    We ended up sneaking out through the window, and the guy told us security was coming so we should leave, but he probably just wanted us out cause he'd already fucked our friend, so we rove back to town and crashed at a friend's house.

    Strangest fucking night ever...
  7. I laughed so hard when I read this hahahahahahahha
  8. One night my two buddies and I were driving around town with the two footer shooting things out of the car with air soft guns. We decided to go to Taco Bell when a cop car pulls up. the cop gets out with his gun and points it at us and say get your hands out of the window. He sees our bong and guns and unloads the guns and stomps on our weed. As he was leaving about five more cop cars show up but we got out of it without any trouble. Easily the scariest day of my life
  9. Once my friend and I were smoking in this little forest area near her house, and we ended up getting high as fuck. After a little bit of chillin in the woods, we began to get hungry, so we started to make the mission to the store. On the way to the store we came across a bakery and bough cookies. We enjoyed the warmth of the bakery for a few minutes while killing off the cookies, before heading back into the frigid Minnesota cold of the winter time. We finally make it to the store, and at this point we've reached about the peak of our high. The store was run by a middle eastern man with an extremely thick accent, which was slightly difficult to understand, not to mention the fact that we were blazed, so it only made it worse. We get some doughnuts with what we had left from the cookies, and as we were paying the man running the store tried to give my friend back the change, but he just had his hand out. My friend thought he wanted her to give him more money because she hadn't given enough, so she begins to just put more and more coins into the man's hand. He tried to explain to us that he was giving the change back, but with the heavy accent it sounded like he was saying "Give me more". I don't know how we heard that, but all I know is that we were pretty fucked high and we ended up getting our doughnuts.
  10. Me and two boys were burn riding in the town over and since it was like one am we would figured let's go see what sort of drunks are walking about.

    We are cruising and chirping people as we go by.

    I yell 'nice hat Faggot to some dude'. Shortly after that we head back to town.

    There's a main road between towns and we were on it and some car just straight sped up and got behind us out of no where.

    But wasn't a cop so we like fuck it.

    We get to town and realized the dude was following us so we did some left Turns and pulled into a parking lot and pack up another bowl to kill time.

    All of a sudden this suv pulls up and the fucking hat dude was driving and just stared right at us.

    Well for some. Reason we didn't dip ASAP, the dude gets out and goes to the trunk of his suv and starts rummaging around. At this point we got out of Dodge fearing he had a gun

    Still can't believe that shit. So glad I'm not high now would of buzz killed me thinking of it. Scary shit

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  11. In my beginner days during high school, I was staying the night at a friends house. We smoked at his place almost exclusively and he had some guy coming by to sell him some unmentionables. While my friend is sitting their sucking on pennies, the guy that hooked him up proceeds to sit down on the patio to chat with me and I swear he loaded probably 6-7 bowls of some dank good to talk over. After about consecutive bowl #5, I had no idea what life was and started talking to ghosts and shit. The guy then splits after letting me know he had a good time chilling with me. I'm sitting there jumping through time and space, not knowing how I'm getting where. My friend's dachshund jumps into my lap out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of me. I try and bail sprinting out the gate to the car port and run smack into his mom's car, setting off the alarm. We tell her one of us bumped it not knowing the alarm was armed. I then proceed to calm down while watching TV. My friend winds up watching an episode of Dr. Phil swearing that a woman is morphing into Jabba the Hut in front of our very eyes. I got stoopid on the regular in high school.
  12. The absolute scariest high of my life was when me and my friend were walking back from his cousins house (which was like 26 fucking miles away and in buttfuck nowhere) at like 1 in the morning. Normally the walk isnt too bad but we were both fucking tripping and the entire way we were freaking because it was dark as shit our flashlight went out like half way back... Most definitely the worst night of my entire life...

    Walking another 26.
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    Last year in Fall, me and another stoner classmate decided to smoke some bud after school. I told him I didn't have any bud on me, but then he said he had some White Widow on him that his friend bought for him at the shop. I was really glad to hear that. So after our last class we walked out of the school, and noticed it was raining really hard. Rain isn't uncommon in the Netherlands, but this was more rain than usual. We we're already bummed because we had to ride through the rain on our bike (we both didn't have our drivers license yet). So we were riding to this small playground, which had a small hut. So we decided to get in the hut so we wouldn't get wet from the rain. Then my classmate starts rolling a J, but he adds tobacco to it. I am not really used to smoking tobacco, so I already had some doubts about it. My classmate lights the J and decides that we should play a smoking game. He said: "One person names an animal, takes a hit and has to hold in the smoke. The other person has to name an animal that starts with the letter the animal the other person said ends." So we were already playing the game for a while, and I am already pretty baked. My classmate's last named animal was Wasp, and I was still trying to think of something and eventually said Pizza. "that's not an animal." "Oh.. Right.." And we both start laughing. But suddenly after we were done playing the game and I have taken numerous more hits, I felt dizzy. I layed down under that roof in the 2 by 2 ft hut, extremely uncomfortable. My classmate asks if I'm okay and I said I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. He said it was probably because I haven't eaten enough and tells me that I should stand up. At this point I was feeling horrible. I tell my classmate to go home because I was simply too baked to communicate with anyone. He said he was not going to let me lay there by myself. I said that it was okay because I already told my mom to come pick me up, which was a lie. "Alright, if you say so.. " And he left.I couldn't function at this moment, and I just wanted to go to sleep, so I did. I woke up 3 and a half hours later, still in that little hut.I was confused at first, but then I remebered what happened. I was still really baked, dizzy and nauseous. I decided to get up slowly and I stumbled to my bike. I was riding home and to my surprise I could ride my bike better then I could before. At least, I thought I could. I felt like I was leaping through time and space or something, and suddenly I was in front of my house. I put my bike in the shed and proceeded to get inside my house. Then I saw my parents standing there, looking at me weird, and somewhat angry. "Why are you so fucking late!? And why is your jacket so dirty!?" My mom asked. I knew it was because I fell asleep in that muddy playground hut, but I told my mom I fell of my bike and I had to walk home with my bike next to me. I walked into the hallway, threw my jacket there and sat down on a chair. I was still really baked, dizzy and nauseous, so my head was bobbing and I closed my eyes all the time. "Why are you doing that? Look at us when we talk to you!" My parents said simultaniously. "Noo...... I" And then I almost passed out, but my parents screamed at me to stay awake, which was really annoying at the time because I really wanted to sleep. My dad asked me if I smoked too much and I said yes. "Well, I hope you learned your lesson." My mom said. Suddenly I got this urge to throw up and the nausea takes control. I was trying really hard not to vomit by swallowing rapidly. My parents see my holding it back and tell me that it's okay and to let it out and opened the door to the restroom for me. I was denying that I had to vomit, and eventually I didn't even vomit. Then I walked upstairs to take a warm bath, and had a lot of trouble walking straight because of the dizzyness. I fell asleep in the bathtub, and woke up 2 hours later, not baked, dizzy or nauseous anymore. Then I ate a lot and went to bed.

    This was my weirdest/worst experience with weed.
    I think it could be because of:
    1. the tobacco
    2. Smoked too much
    3. The strain
    4. Haven't eaten enough
    5. Being in a small space while smoking (the hut)
    6. The bad weather (?)

    After this happened, I took a break from weed for 5 or 6 months. 'Till this day I am still very cautious when I smoke.
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     My craziest high story happened around Black Friday. So I met up with my friend Julian around 4:30 PM because he needed to buy a new laptop and I was planning to get a Go Pro Hero 3 for my girlfriend and we wanted to go while smacked because nobody can wait on line like that while sober. So we get an eighth of Blue Dragon, invite a few friends over, and go cyph at the train tracks near Julian's house. The Amtrak passes through it once every 30 minutes (for anyone who lives in the US), so we were just sitting down and passing around a blunt and a bong and after several hits from each, I was beyond smacked. But all of a sudden I heard a ringing in my ears and I was telling my friends but they just said I was bugging out and I agreed when I looked to the left and saw the train slowly crossing in with the conductors staring right at us and we got all of our things and dipped out of there asap.
      But after climbing over a fence and entering back to the streets, we realized we still had 2 more dubs left and I wanted to go back with Julian but my other friends said hell no and they waited at their car. So we ran back and found the 2 dubs still there (although our blunt was mysteriously gone) and we brought it back to their car and we hotboxed into it and by then I was really fucking high. We wanted to get even more high, but by then it was nearing 6:30 so we went over to my house to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and then we ran to the nearest Best Buy.
     After purchasing the Go Pro and Laptop, we realized our high was starting to fade so Julian and I decided to smoke some more and the others went to a party. After promising to eventually meet up with them, we bought another eighth and smoked with my dealer off his gravity bong but I was really seeing colors so after a dub, we kept what was left of the eighth and went exploring to the night. My friend had his eyes rolled back and I was really scared when he just fell down and collapsed to the ground. I got really scared so I shook him until he got back consciousness but then he threw up on himself and said he couldn't go on. I took off his shirt (luckily the throw up didn't get on his pants), hid the bud in an empty Arizona bottle, put the arizona bottle in his backpack, and then piggy backed him to the party where I made sure he safely fell asleep before enjoying the rest of the night. He woke up fast enough to watch the sun rise while smacked and it was the most beautiful ending to a cyph ever.
  15. me and my friend accidentally did an entire bowl in one hit because he shoved my jet lighter straight into it. We were kinda new so we got pretty fucked up. Also search up eye optical illusion on YouTube. Watched it on that day and I swear it looked like shadows were being lifted off the ground.
  16. Man the only time I've thrown up after smoking is when I drank a shit ton of chocolate milk, I don't get the munchies really anymore but man I drank soooo much choc milk. I ended up throwing it up later that night. But the only time I can think of a time where i had a crazy experience while high is being so fucking high that I thought I was going to die (this has happened multiple times). I mean now that I think of it I must've had a panic attack because I freaked out thinking I was going to die. Or just bad trip from some bad weed. Not sure
  17. I think you would have died if your heart was beating 5 times a second. That's 300 bpm. It's called a panic attack and it happens when little kids smoke weed.

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  18. back in the day me and my bros used to cruise and smoke only. no where else to smoke. so we kept this box (literally) in our cruise van full of weed paraphernalia...this box included mini bongs, bowls, papers, grinder, a scale and many little empty baggies from past night me and one friend decided to go on a cruise by ourselves (usually around 12-2am was our normal cruise times). we had all sorts of cruise routes all over town that we would frequent because we knew the traffic flow, the risks etc. etc. this night we decided we were feeling froggy and wanted to cruise the big, rich folk neighborhood we had always talked about. so we start our adventure through the neighborhood smoking a bowl then a bong. only halfway through the bowl we realized the neighborhood was waaay smaller than expected. being stoned, however, we decided to go around another 2 times (this neighborhood was one street, about 3-4 city blocks long). by the way our cruise van was a total beater, has a HUGE dent in the front bumper and it sounds like a tank driving down the street. so we pull out of the neighborhood finally and there is a big intersection. in the intersection where we had to wait was a big nice and beautiful median thing with a tree to seperate the lanes (meaning we could only go straight or backwards to get out). so we hear cop sirens in the distance, not even in sight yet. of course we get paranoid and start throwing everything in the box and rolling down the windows. instead of pulling out into the COMPLETELY desolate road, we wait for a good 30 seconds (were high ok?). the cop is finally in view so we freeze up acting like nothing is happening. the cop turns off the sirens leaving its lights on, pulls in front of us in a t-bone type fashion cutting us completely off from leaving and shines his searchlight directly at us. now, of course we didnt know before, but once this light entered the car we quickly realized how smokey the van was....were frozen like deer in headlights. the cop sits there for a good 15-20 seconds (in stoner time thats about 12-17 years) and then out of no where turns off his lights and takes off.....then of course we start laughing and acting like were the bee's knees because "we played it off so good". in our state with everything we had on us we were easily looking at 1-3 years in jail along with a $250,000 fine...that was about 10 years ago and still today gets my heart CLOSE CALL ever.
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  19. Hahahaha thats some seriously funny shit
  20. This story is not as funny as the other post but its my story..

    I think it was a friday, me and two of my mates decided to skip school and smoke some weed.After blazing we were fried, we then went to a park opposite our school and chilled there, i was so baked it felt like everything was moving in slow-motion..After a few mins i saw a teacher and i immediately alerted my mates..they were so baked they didnt care but i was so paranoid, i actually hid behind a tree that was about one foot thick....and thought that for sure the teacher couldnt see me. The following day my mates made fun of me for actually thinking i was hidden from the teacher.

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