*UNoffical* bowling for columbine discussin thread

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. everybody, i repeat everybody, weither you live in the US or not, should rent and watch this film

    You will change your views on the United States gun control laws, that is if you didn't already think they suck complete nuts. Its just so full of truth, and it made me hate charltion hestion with a flaming passion.

    for those of you that have seen it
    "I loves my gun... loves my gun!"

  2. what was the movie about?? was it pro guns... or aginst??
  3. This movie kicked some serious ass. I remember how flamed the last discussion got. I still stand by the words that owning a gun is a right, not a privlege.
  4. I agreed with Moore on many accounts, and it was mainly geared towards pro-gun control...Moore is a staunch Democrat, or should I say liberal, but his views and way of documentary are GREAT. I personally liked the open an account at a bank and get a gun free. I thought it was a funny thing, both because it's not only a good idea, and reality, but he put some sarcasm in the whole thing too. After going to the barber to buy bullets. Anyway, I am against the govt taking my guns, but I also don't deer hunt with anything that holds more than 4 bullets in the gun. I guess I want a gun, but want to get rid of the powerful guns {AK47, M16, Uzi, Thompson, SKS, and other Fully Automatic guns}, they are fine for military use, but what kind of fucking militia needs Auto weapons, take pride in your shots, shoot one at a time, and shoot for a team, don't just spray and pray, that's CHEAP. Bottom line, good movie with great views...Peace WG
  5. and im gunna stay the same as ive always been and say the news here sux balls!
  6. It was a mind opener, even more so to speak, The media part was just disturbing, I mean no suprise that everybodys so paranoid and scared about other people. I loathe the NRA, how can they be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!?!?!?!?!?
  7. guess what side in the discussion i'm on?


    but as i've stated before, shotguns and rifles are good for hunting as a tool. pistols are good for sports target shooting. and as long as you've got a hunting license or a gun-club membership (as in shooting for sports club, not interestgroup like NRA) i see no problem. why, coz' both getting a license and beeing in a club teaches you responsible gun usage and precautions. and gun-nuts or unstable persons get weeded out. it's like martial arts. sure you learn how to fight, but the biggest lesson you learn is not how to beat someone to a pulp, but to avoid conflict alltogether.

    the current US open over the counter sale of all kinds of guns, including modified military weapons that easily can be made full automatic is just insane. there is no control, no required courses for gun safety. nothing. just a quick background check. and in a society that is saturated with guns, it should come as no surprise that loads of people are killed by those guns.

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