Unnecessary Evil The David Seaman Hour

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  1. Nice video that got me thinking about bitcoin for the first time.  Or rather cryptographical digitalization currency...did I get that right?
    Seriously though, good discussion that quickly changes/broadens the topic past bitcoin.  But it really was the simple explanation, that even idiots like myself can understand, that prompted me to share.  "If nothing else investigate bitcoin out of hatred for the bank cartels. lol", Stefan Molyneux.  I'm not in the mood for trolls today so I altered the title.
    Government: An Unnecessary Evil

  2. Very interesting. I don't think the Gov. would ever allow large company's to use bitcoins unless they find a way to control it and regulate it. But what can a person use bitcoins to purchase other then from the deep web? SilkRoad and sites like that are the only place I know the use bitcoins.
    Its a shame David Seamans run for office didn't go anywhere.
  3. @[member="trixman22"]
    I just found out about who Seaman was.  I saw him on RT his political pitch (I say 'pitch' but you could tell he was sincere) was "There isn't anyone there who represents young people, people who give a damn about the 4th amendment, people who...".  Even I might've given a golf clap if he were elected. 

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