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Unnaturally shiny trichomes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by plaguis, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, just got a few grams of some supposedly ridiculously bomb headies. The shit looks and smells fucking amazing, but there's just one thing bothering me about it...this shit has some patches of trichomes that are like tiny little mirrors they're so shiny/reflective. Is this normal, or is it possible my bud got fucked with? The buds are flattened a bit like brick weed too, which I've never found in headies before...

    What do you think GC? :confused:
  2. sounds like some grit weed
  3. Glass in your bud?
  4. do you have any pics of the bud man?
    if not im not sure i can help you out but it sounds like you just got some nice headies :hello:
  5. Get a magnify glass and look for glass.

    Happy tokeing
  6. Wow, thanks for the fast replies guys...

    I don't have a camera atm, otherwise I already woulda had pics up. And it's not grit weed, I've encountered that before this is much different. It's just a few little patches of ridiculously shiny, looks unnatural on buds.

    And I looked with a magnifying glass, looks like really really close together bunches of, I think I'mma take a toke and see what's up lol.
  7. Rub on a CD case if it scratches the CD case it probly has glass in it. If not then its probly just really good weed

  8. This.
    Best way to determine if it's grit weed or not.
  9. I did a few tests on it like that to make sure it wasn't grit weed, thanks though.

    Thanks dude, but I'm not really new to smoking :smoking: I know my basics quite well at least :p I can easily tell what quality bud is by looking at it, it's just that in my 2 years of daily smoking I've never encountered bud THIS shiny before.

    Btw I called up a few friends who have also picked up this stuff before, they said it was just really good. And it fucking is. Haha I just noticed I'm rippeddddd....

    Thanks GC :smoking: stay high
  10. find a old piece of shit cd and rub the bud against it if it leaves a scratch you got some grit and if the dealer is some little punk with no back up bitch him out and ask for new bud if hes a big dealer just take the loss
  11. isnt unnaturally shiney weed a sign of laced weed too?

  12. Sometimes, not in this case though...I'm still blazed from that bowlpack, this shit is just DANK :smoking:
  13. sounds good brotha.

    if in fact you do get grit weed, make sure you use a bong.
  14. whats "grit weed" and if theres glass on the weed how did it get there and how can you get it off?
  15. You pretty much cant

  16. There is a reason and explanation for all of this. On some weed that is extremely good, like you described, the buds become so potent that what you are seeing is the hallucinogens the plant is producing, thc and cannabinoid crsytals - similar to a good batch of mushrooms (if you've ever had)... the good mushrooms have golden flakes, think about it... why else would you be so ripped?

  17. Grit weed is weed laced with tiny shards of glass. They do this to make the weed appear better, since really good weed has crystal looking things on it. It also weighs down the weed so they make more money.

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