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  1. I'm suicidal, yet I'm vital to this planet
    Because without me they can't understand it
    It's demanded that we all function the same
    I'm sick of this game. Always passing the blame to a new name, a new face of the human race
    But that's society, only way to cope is to embrace, if you try to erase you'll lose entirely.

    Is honesty really the best policy?
    Mother fuckers can't see the hypocrisy
    Everything contradicts, we all live life looking up to the pricks, and yet we hate them
    With this rap I'm going out on a limb, tryna change life and how we live
    Education, who woulda guessed it was the key to stop all devastation
    Even knowing this there's still hesitation
    If there was world peace there'd be no more need for the elites, such as the army
    Everyone would be free and be who they wanna be
    No more wars and emotional sores from losing loved ones in battle
    I remember when I was young she'd run up to mommy and tattle
    So I want you all to settle in, because this story is about to get a little more interestin'.

    All of life is an experiment
    What we live and what we see is only a fragment
    I'm here to tell you that life is a joke
    It doesn't matter is you were awoke just to be choked because life would move on
    We're all just the pawns in this place
    Everyone trying to race but the end is nowhere to be found
    It's because we're all bound to just rot in the ground
    There is no end and there is no beginning
    Mother fuckers act tough but in the end no one is winning
    So continue your sinning because it really doesn't matter
    Keep fighting so your clothes are torn and tattered from being beaten and battered
    And when you lose the fight you tighten your fist so tight and scream with might but no one can hear
    Laying bloody and bruised, booze drippin' from your brain because you went insane and all you did was think
    Your heart sinks rapidly, most people would call this a tragedy but I call it a blessing
    Your journey's almost over so no point in resting
    Without a second thought or time to contemplate
    You shout one last breathe of hate before you pull the trigger
    The ******'s hand shaking from being so nervous and he's sweating from the intense heat
    Then it hits you, you know how this game can be beat
    Pull the click back, let's the bullets fly from the gun
    Now you're no longer living and you have just won.

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