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  1. This is the first post I've ever made in my life, and I felt like this was something I absolutely had to share this with people. I'm going to teach you how to unlock the secrets of weed for yourself. I'll be honoured if I can help even a single one of you with this upcoming "tutorial." Now not to be condescending or anything, but most people who smoke weed don't even know the truth about weed, let alone the people who don't. Weed has a reputation as being a weak/soft drug, and to be honest this makes me kind of mad because it is absolutely not. I mean we've all felt it before, right? Every single person I know who's smoked weed has had EXTREMELY powerful reactions on their first few times. Not a coincidence.
    Now, first of all I am going to start by saying anyone who smokes weed all day every day has no right telling you weed is not a powerful drug. I will prove this point with a simple analogy. Take any powerful psychedelic drug, such as shrooms, acid, anything, and use it in the same amounts that many people "habitually" smoke weed, and eventually it will lose all its hallucinogenic properties, just as weed has for most people.
    I am not going to tell you to take a tolerance break and smoke a shit ton of weed. It's not that simple, though you may want to strongly consider taking a small tolerance break. Even a few days or a week will do. If you have an insanely high tolerance and are not in the least bit willing to take a break, this tutorial may not be for you. However, this isn't as simple as that. There are more factors that come into play besides for tolerance, which I will get to later.
    Skip to the tutorial if you are uninterested in the next part
    My Psychedelic History With Weed
    First, I will give you a background of my history with weed. If you are only interested in the tutorial, skip this section. I do believe a lot of this stuff is important, but you may skip it if you wish.
    I currently would consider myself a recovering addict. I personally had trouble getting a grip on my habit and had to drop it, I do however know many people who can manage their habit relatively well. Anyways, my first experience with weed I smoked one joint and felt absolutely nothing. I was ready to disregard weed as a joke, but a couple weeks later I smoked again with my same friend, but this time I smoked from a homemade bong. Oh boy, I will never forget this day.
    I was just about to tell my friend I feel absolutely nothing, until I noticed a strange distortion in my vision. Then I quickly burst into uncontrollable laughter and literally could not stop for a good hour. I was overwhelmed with insane euphoria and anxiety, and it was quite overbearing to be honest, but nonetheless absolutely amazing. My first few experiences with weed were very similar to this, and as I recall they became increasingly more visual, especially when I had smoked a powerful sativa strain (great white shark). Visual effects would include warps and distortions, haziness/tingling of everything in sight, everything was bolder etc. 
    My first bad trip was when I smoked three massive buckets (gravity bongs) of great white shark. I was with a group of people I didn't know too well, and I had to walk around in circles in an attempt to avoid throwing up. I have never thrown up from weed in my life, but I have had a few close experiences. The main reason for the experience being bad however, was a lack of water to drink and an EXTREMELY dry mouth. This was I would say, my fifth time smoking weed? Not really sure, but it was the first time I didn't experience uncontrollable laughter when getting high. And after then I would rarely experience uncontrollable laughter.
    My first time smoking weed by myself was the moment I knew that I was going to be addicted. Not exactly, but I look back at that as the defining moment in my addiction. This was also around my 6th or 7th time smoking weed. Weed seems to have a different effect when I'm alone. Extremely relaxing, euphoric, giggly and a little dissociative. It would make me feel like I'm in a dream, flying etc. Also it would make me extremely chink eyed, to an innocent bystander it would look like my eyes are completely closed though I can clearly (more or less) see everything.
    This is going to be important in the tutorial section later in this post. I quickly noticed that I experienced different sensations when smoking different kinds of weed. Sometimes along with this dissociated feeling I would get strange body sensations, such as the sensation of being stabbed (not exactly, but its a hard one to describe). It wasn't TOO discomforting, but it would prevent me from relaxing and enjoying the high. I believe these sensations are caused by indica strains/high CBD strains/sleepy strains or whatever you want to call them. For this reason I believe when one is trying to get a psychedelic experience from weed, one should STAY AWAY FROM INDICA. I have also read that CBD has antipsychotic properties. Antipsychotic can also be interpreted as anti-psychedelic. 
    Now these good "dissociated" giggly highs eventually wore away. The effects of weed started to seem very mild and honestly uncomfortable for me. I couldn't get these good highs anymore and I figured I just had to smoke more. But no matter how much I smoked it was always a hit or miss. Indica weed could never get me these kinds of highs anymore and sativa was extremely rare. I smoked A LOT of weed in trying to reacquire this high and all to no avail. I was ready to give up on weed. I wasn't getting what I wanted to get out of it anymore. But one day everything changed.
    At some point during my nug lyfe I had gotten a vaporgenie vaporizer. Now this is a cheap vaporizer and really the first few times I used it it didn't get me very high and it was quite tedious to use. I usually stuck to smoking. But smoking wasn't cutting it anymore. One day I was desperate. I had gone a few days without smoking and had the best idea of my life. At the time I didn't realize the value of this idea, I just did it as an experiment. I had decided to spend as much time as I possibly can hitting the vaporgenie, literally non-stop. I had gone on for over an hour or so, I'd lost track of time. But after a long and tedious vape session, a farmiliar feeling came upon me. I got that same distinctive giggling, euphoric and dissociated high. My consciousness was altered in a way I thought was no longer possible. I was beyond excited, and this experience restored my faith in weed. It wasn't until much later until I got a real high-end vaporizer, but I didn't spend the time until then doing nothing
    Between this moment and when I got my vaporizer, I began to experiment with edible herb. I would bake firecrackers with peanut butter and cooking oil to make powerful edibles. I had a few semi-decent experiences and a few bad trips, but it wasn't until much later when I discovered the true value in edibles.
    Fast forward to July of 2013. I'd bought a quarter ounce of some very strong sativa weed. As far as smoking goes, sativa would always be a beautiful score for me. Sativa would get me the closest thing to those nice highs I used to enjoy. Sativa was rare back then unfortunately. Now it's extremely prevalent in my area. Dealers probably realized sativa dom is the shit that people like. Anways, I put a gram and a half into a firecracker and ate it after a few weeks of not smoking. Now for a trip report:
    I was listening to music when the high kicked in, and I was trying to chill and relax at first but I was quickly overwhelmed. I had to turn the music off because it was too intense. I almost thought I was going to have a bad trip, but it turned out to be a very iconic trip of my marijuana history. My mind started speaking to me and telling me something along the lines of "You have to accept it, you have to let go of this reality and accept that you're going to spend the next 6 hours somewhere else, somewhere not in this real world." I proceeded to lay down on my bed. To an innocent bystander, it would seem as if I am just chilling in my bed staring directly at my closet, the ceiling etc. What they wouldn't realize is the closet and ceiling are tingling, being torn apart, as if someone put what I can see into a video-editing software and gave it a swirling effect. This I believe was the first time I ever hallucinated from weed. I had my eyes closed for a while and I opened them and I saw a blue-outlined angry looking dog with red eyes staring me down. That's the best I can explain it. Then I closed my eyes, shook my head around and looked at it again and it had turned into a very funny looking blue cat. Then it disappeared. Very, very strange. The next day I tried to recreate this experience with a bit over 2 grams. I do believe I was mentally higher, but not so much visually. Edible herb will destroy your tolerance. After this experience, I started ritualistically eating high amounts (2 grams or more) of sativa edibles in hopes of getting psychedelic trips, which under certain circumstances I did.
    Fast forward to a month later, August of 2013 when I got my vaporizer. This is when I started really heavily using weed, buying ounces at a time and vaping every day. The vaporizer I got was the Arizer Solo. The first time I used it was after a two week break that I took to try and find a job. I vaped a bowl or two and instantly got fucked. Hazy vision, tiredness, altered state of consciousness. At one point I got an insane headrush and started seeing purple dots, then I instantly sobered up. This high was very short and unlike most of my other vaping experiences. It wasn't particularly the most pleasant one, but nonetheless it was better than any smoking experience I'd had in the months before that. 
    I quickly realized that you can carry this vape in your pocket and hit it in public, on the day to work, on the way home from work etc. So I started vaping almost all the time and my tolerance kind of skyrocketed. 
    My friends had mixed opinions about vaping. I instructed them to hold in their vapor and to vape at least one bowl to themselves to get a decent high. The people who listened described it as "some next level shit." The people who didn't listen described it as "gay," and said it didn't get them very high. I got a bong to hook up to the Solo, and everyone who hit that experienced a pleasant state of "mind-rape."
    Fast forward to November, when I made the decision to quit weed. Did it work? Kind of. Over the next month I only had one single vape session with my friend, after about three weeks of not smoking/vaping. It was an important session though. He had vaped a few bowls worth of bong rips to himself and said he was done. Being the asshole that I am, I gave him the look. The look that says "have fun watching me continue to smoke (vape) for another hour while you do nothing ;)" Surprisingly though he didn't mind. I continued to vape non-stop bong rips for about an hour. My memory of this high was hazy, but I do remember the both of us laughing our asses off, singing and at one point talking about how vaping made us reach a higher level of consciousness. Visual effects include my friend warping, everything tingling, just lots of visual warping. These effects are very difficult to describe, and I don't believe the experience is primarily pyschedelic in the visual sense, but visual effects are the easiest to describe. At the start of the session we had a joint's worth of weed, unrolled it and vaped it all. Just a little testament to how much more powerful vaping is than smoking. 
    A couple weeks after that I smoked (not vaped, smoked) 2 grams to myself in bong rips with this girl. It got me pretty stoned, but I experienced minimal alteration in consciousness. Two days after, I vaped a bit under a gram by myself and got RIPPED. Classic dissociated high with inexplicable visuals and extreme chink-eyedness. I feel as if with these kinds of highs I get strange racing thoughts, and my thoughts are represented by mild see-through visuals and distortions in what I can see.
    Now fast forward to this past weekend, the trip that inspired me to make this post. I was ready to never get high again, but one of my closest friends is a vape-head just like me. We both discovered the secrets of weed together and I haven't chilled with him in months due to my decision to quit. He had told me that he made pot brownies out of a quarter-ounce of sativa weed. Immense amounts of edible herb are kind of my thing, and I had not smoked/vaped in two weeks so my tolerance was perfect. Plus I'd just really missed my friend. Now it was winter, and my mom was home. We had no place inside to trip. So we had a not-so-brilliant idea to set up a tent in a forest, put a tarp over it and hot-box it with the vapor-bong to keep it warm. This probably would have worked, but the edible herb just made us extremely sensitive to the cold. But nonetheless, we each had 3 brownies (3.5 grams each) and tripped THE FUCK out. For the first time in my life I went into a weed-induced trance and had inexplicable visuals, but I snapped out of it because of the cold. I went into a similar trance a few times but I could never relax for more than a minute or two because of the cold. My friend also told me he had quite a few visuals, he described seeing a pair of yellow eyes staring at him while we was setting up the tent. Other than that it was indescribable. The word "trance" is a VERY fitting word to describe the experience.
    Okay, I have laid out to you my history of weed use.
    How YOU Can Trip With Marijuana
    Method 1 - smoking 
    This is the least effective method, and unfortunately the most conventional method people use to get high. For many it may be difficult or impossible to get a psychedelic experience from smoking. But nonetheless if you have a low tolerance as well as access to powerful sativa strains, you may be in for some fun. 
    Now, your first few times ever smoking weed will likely be very psychedelic. However if you've been smoking "habitually" as I used to, you may have some trouble. First of all, you NEED sativa. Preferably straight sativa or a highly dominant sativa hybrid. You can try simply smoking a very high amount and will likely get a strong head high. However, for the best results you should take a tolerance break of at least a week and once you're ready to smoke your sativa, smoke as much as you possibly can. 
    Method 2 - vaporizing
    Who knows why this method is so effective? Oh wait, I do. I have a little hypothesis that vaping gives you minimal CBDs (which have antipsychotic/anti-psychedelic properties). Why does it work? Who knows? Who cares? It just does. You don't even necessarily need a sativa dominant strain, however highly indica dominant strains may make you tired and won't be as enjoyable as vaping doesn't filter out absolutely all the CBD. Hopefully you've had a decent tolerance break, but it really isn't necessary. Some of the biggest stoners I know, have told me about psychedelic experiences and an extreme change in consciousness after vaping very high amounts.
    That's the thing. You want to vape a very high amount. As much as you can. The easiest way to do this (with an Arizer Solo) is to get a bong and some tubing, preferably a tall bong to hook it up to. The height of the bong is the most important factor. Whether it's glass or plastic isn't that important, but it should have good airflow. Now to brew the hits, pull very slowly and let the vapor stack up to your mouth. Catch some breath through your nose and continue to pull with your mouth if you must. Then once the chamber is full with vapor, clear it slowly as it will be quite strong and will probably make you cough. You can clear a bowl of the arizer solo in 2 giant rips. Usually it takes around 15 drags or so without the bong. 15 drags worth of vapor in 2 rips, think about that.
    What kind of high should you expect? Well you should expect to burst into laughter, to have warping tingly vision, possible sexual arousal, tingling sensations throughout the body, profound change in consciousness, visual (yes, visual) and auditory hallucinations at high doses and in general, it will feel similar to your first few highs, but in some aspects even more powerful.
    When I say visual hallucinations, I am not referring to seeing horses, unicorns, rainbows etc. But you might see purple dots or blue sparkles on your friend's face, or you might look at a person and see three hands instead of the usual two. High doses will trip you the fuck out, visually and mentally, but you will not see horses and unicorns.
    If you want a truly amazing experience, I recommend doing this alone or with a very good friend for hours upon hours until you have to stop. I PROMISE, you will be more than satisfied with the experience.
    Vaping is truly a wonderful thing.
    Method 3 - edible herb
    Be careful with this one. This is by far the most effective method. Probably my favourite, but it may not be yours. The most I've ever done is 3.5 grams and I built up to that dose over months. If you do this correctly, you will have an amazing full-out psychedelic trip. Do this wrong and you might end up mentally scarred for life (I'm exaggerating, but you can have terrible experiences if you do this wrong).
    First of all, anyone who tells you the type of weed you use for edible herb doesn't matter does not know what they are talking about. If you are looking to trip, ONLY USE SATIVA. Never use a highly indica dominant straight. Make sure you know it's sativa dominant. I'll get to why later. Also, be prepared to be high for 6 hours with lasting effects possibly for days (you will likely wake up high the next morning). Make sure you do not have to interact with society, family or anyone who might not appreciate your state of being stoned out of your mind. Also make sure you have a place to relax. Do this either by yourself or with a close friend. 
    Now you're going to want to eat a minimum of two grams, and I'm not going to give you a recipe for edibles on this thread but you do not want to fuck up the batch. If you're just trying to trip by yourself, make firecrackers using cooking oil (preferably coconut oil) and peanut butter. You should feel a very mild buzz instantly, and the high will start kicking in an hour after you eat them. The high will hit you in waves and get stronger and stronger as time goes by. And after a few hours of tripping you're going to be literally stoned in place.
    Now I would tell you what kind of high to expect but I have truly forgotten most of my edible herb trips. It really is a pain when you're trying to tell someone what you experienced and you can't really remember. All you can remember is the insane feeling of tripping, and all you can tell them is "it was insane." Some things that I do remember are seeing faces in the wall and ugh... Not really much else. I did however go into a psychedelic trance when I ate 3.5 grams of pot brownies after a two week tolerance break, with inexplicable visuals except for one, I saw a lightning bolt. But that is by no means a highlight of the experience, it was just a lightning bolt inside the tent I was in. Overall it was a VERY powerful trip mentally and visually, and I would encourage anyone who can handle their edible herb to try it. All I can describe it as is a weed-induced trance. If you can handle your edible herb, you might find yourself performing these rituals every month or so like I do.
    Now onto why you should NOT use indica. I've had two bad experiences with indica edibles. Now I have said CBD is an "anti-psychedelic" when smoked, but I would be lying if I said indica edibles are not psychedelic. If anything they might even be more psychedelic in some ways than sativa edibles. And the dose required is somewhat less. But my first experience involves a firecracker after my exam that had about 1.5 grams in it. When I smoked this weed, it was extremely sleepy and not the least bit overbearing. I smoked over a gram at once and all it did was make me tired and not very high. But back to the firecracker, my one girl friend actually had a small bite of it and said it got her "fucked." So it was one powerful fucking cracker. So I ate it and once it kicked in I got extremely uncomfortable. I felt like I was going to throw up, so I ran inside the bathroom. The walls were moving like crazy and everything in the world was just wobbling and snapping back and forth and slowly caving in on me. I was sitting over the toilet feeling like complete shit, and I puked. I kept my eyes closed for a few seconds and when I opened them and looked in the toilet there was no puke. Turns out I didn't actually puke.... I just hallucinated that I puked? That's fucked up. One of the worst experiences of my life. 
    Onto another trip with indica edibles, this time with a bit under two grams. So everything was going fine until all of a sudden I start to feel very agitated, as if I'm having a panic attack for absolutely no reason. My vision is completely normal but my body just feels very agitated, so I decide to turn off the lights and go to sleep. As soon as I close my eyes I start seeing these weird different coloured shapes spinning around, and it was actually very cool for like a few seconds. Then I realized all the shapes had VERY sharp edges and they started flying towards me and stabbing me. And I COULD FUCKING FEEL THEM STABBING ME. Fortunately soon after this I fell asleep. That's the good thing about indica edibles, if you're ever feeling like shit the bed is your way out. So in conclusion if you think you could handle it try a trip of indica edibles. But for me, never again.
    I realize this is a really long first post, yea my bad. I just hope you all find this information helpful. I have helped tons of people in my personal life get these kinds of effects from weed, and I'm just glad to be able to share this knowledge with people.
    I'd be more than honoured if a single one of you benefits from this advice. Please feel free to share past psychedelic experiences with weed, any tips I may have missed, or ways this "tutorial" has helped you, or anything you feel is appropriate. 

  2. Some pretty cool stuff in there, and congrats on your first post!
    I've eaten four indica brownies at once, and had an amazing time at a concert. But I understand why it isn't for everyone, and I mainly prefer sativa anyway.
    Funny stuff in that post too.
  3. welcome to the city. im not going to pretend i read that short novel, but ive got to say weed is not a psychedelic. i agree with you that it gives you a powerful high when you have little to no tolerance. thats not to say its a psychedelic, because you will not hallucinate from just mj. 
  4. Wow! I read everything you wrote and can totally agree with you! For the longest time I thought I was the only one to have these "psychedelic" experiences. The first time I ever had any kind of super intense visual experience was last year in 10th grade and this kid packed a full gram bowl in a 3 foot bong and we used a torch and I took that whole gram in at once and I was still a complete lightweight smoker and still am but when I stopped coughing I stood up and looked through this doorway and I was inside this black spinning tunnel and I remember saying in my head "so this is what wiz khalifa feels like" hahah but anyway later we left the kids house and I was walking to a friends car and I felt like I was super short and heavy and couldn't walk strait. When I got in the car my friends made me sit in the trunk but it had a window and when I looked up at the sky I saw a purple shooting star streak across the whole sky! Later on we get to our local skatepark and this is at around 8:00 or 9:00 pm and my friends were just watching me hunched over and all I looked like was just a pile on the ground but in my head I was on a roller coaster spinning at 100 miles per hour and I could hear the screams of people on the coasters and then I open my eyes and then boom! I puke everywhere 3 times and was telling everyone I was going to just sleep at the skatepark cause I couldn't go home but a friend let me stay at his house and I was relieved but man!!! Most intense high I've ever experienced!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Is weed psychedelic? Yes, it is definately possible to hallucinate off edibles pretty easily. I have off 3gs of ABV.Do the effects even come remotely close to real stuff like shrooms or acid? No way, but from a SUPER high amount of weed you can get to a state that is like coming up. Barely trippingSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. the most of a psychedelic experience i had of  budd was closed eye visuals with blurs of color. cant remember it though it was over a year ago. u only get experiences like the 1st time smoking when u go off it for a bit then hit it hard again. the experience was from vaporizing to lol with arizer solo it hit my brain so dam much. dont think ive had that experience from smoking it though. weed use to allways make me horny haha when smoking alone. it doesnt anymore it has sorta stuffed my sex drive up a little bit. i dont get a choice in strains or type (sativa indica) i just buy weed and it is whatever it is. i havent had uncontrollable laugher for months. i only get that when im joint stoned and something is actually funny and i have to be with some 1. alone i dont laugh much.
    dont smoke weed for trips u will have to take so many breaks! thats what mushrooms are for op. lmao :)
  7. Lol so your saying consume high amounts of weed and don't fight it? Isn't that what everyone does to get higher?

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  8. false, different strains different highs. Such as mowie wowie, nevilles haze, and belladonna. Also edibles can have halucinagenic highs as well. Do you remember your first time stoned? Was it a sativa or indica?

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  9. i unlocked the secrets.
    but i ain't reading the text wall of china
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    Read it all and I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.
    I've had many intense and interesting highs but nothing like psychedelics. Very mild hallucinations but eh, relatively nothing in comparison.
    Having used more than my fair share of unmentionables, I have found weed to be incredibly potent for personal development and enjoyment but nothing quite like other thingsthatmustnotbenamed.

    Good read though. :)

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    I wonder if this is this true?
    What method would give you maximum CBD?
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    Eating abv bud bro. Or you could do extractions but thats the easy way.
  13. Gay

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    I am way too entirely stoned for this thread :hippie:[​IMG]
  15. thats actually a pretty good description. with huge doses it may have the minor visuals of a comeup. however the rest of the experience cant even begin to be touched on by weed.

    no amount of weed will ever have you feel or thinking like a true psychedelic. in any capacity.
  16. I can easily smoke enough weed so that when I play music, it comes at me in waves and it's one of the coolest feelings I've ever felt, but it isn't anything like shrooms or acid.

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