unlimited weed with a catch..........

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  1. if someone offered you all the weed you could ever smoke/sell and told you that you had to choose between

    a) living a day as a 8 yr old boy in micheal jacksons never never land :eek:
    b) all ur finger/toe nails getting pulled off with a pair of pliars :bolt:
    c) having to spend 24 hours in a room, tied to a chair with hannah montana singing in one ear and justin bieber singing in the other

    lol these are the worst thing i could think of so reply with ur answers and why lol thanks for reading and have fun
  2. #C. I would seduce HM, get her to untie me. Kill JB, Bang HM(she is over 18 now, right?)
  3. wouldn't matter to me. Not like there's any cops in this "room"
  4. C i think it would be worth it for all the free weed in the world man it would tottaly be worth it just dont know if u would be sane enough to smoke afterwords lol
  5. hahaha nice guys very nice
  6. i would choose neverland.

    as for my reason im going to paraphrase our good friend dave chapelle

    "you go to his house ride some rides, get offered some pills and some wine, and then get my dick sucked. thats a good host!"

    but thats assuming he actually did do anything he was accused of. if not its like getting free weed for hanging out with one of the greatest singers ever to walk the earth
  7. neverland cuz he i no longer with us so ill be safe, and a child again which would be humorous for the least

  8. true true keep em comin guys lol :hello:
  9. A, you never said anything about spending the night. :smoke:

  10. My thoughts exactly.
  11. yeah i could chill in an abandoned mansion and amusement park for a day. i like to walk around abandoned buildings so, why not?
  12. gimme a pound a bong nd 30 mins before i have to choose and it will be eas to go through lol
  13. Bro A id like hide in the bathroom and fashion a shank out of a toothbrush.

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