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  1. If someone offered you an unlimited supply of 1 drug, for your personal use, which drug would you pick? All effects etc are still the same just you get however much of the drug you want for free.

    I myself would choose weed but I havnt done too many drugs(alcohol,weed,DXM,vicodin,shrooms). I love weed but I do also love vicodin but weed is just better overall.

    What drug would you all choose?
  2. Coke or heroin - just in-case I need a quick buck.
  3. the sweet sweet mary jane :smoking::bongin::smoke::hippie::love::yummy::yay::metal:

  4. Hey thats smart.

    I was joking about crack btw

    i'd choose LSD.
  5. So yeah...no selling the drugs. Just for your own personal use in response to motion.
  6. Err.........

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  7. deff weed for me

    i find many other drugs to be just as enjoyable like shrooms pills alcohol etc....

    but only weed could i smoke on a daily basis and still function lol
  8. lol. HMMM, i can def smoke wayyyy more weed than i can pay for haha, so prolly weed...BUT if not weed i would chose coke, because i def cant afford that, and i usually pay for my weed anyways since its so cheap around here now
  9. I'd say weed..if i had an unlimited supply, i'd never leave home :D
  10. Weed for me as well, its really the only thing that I would like to have enough of to do every day.
  11. Infinte buds would prob be my choice, if not that then definetly blow

    man i wish i had infinite weed i could just swim in
  12. hmmmm thats kinda hard, but wait, i just remembered what i want

  13. weed. mountains of weed. that would be incredible.
  14. yeah def weed.
  15. coke. i would get so much done in my lifetime...lol
  16. Endless Weed definitely.
  17. Weed... I always seem to run out of it...sucks.
  18. this is sort of a pointless question on a weed forum...no?

    anyway imma have to go with sweet mary.

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