Unlearning is just as important as learning... (long post about my life, and goodbye)

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by chronictoker, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. I have learned many things.

    but more and more I find that it's the things unlearned that truly change my life.

    Unlearning my bad habits and the things I was taught that were wrong. There is much to be unlearned.

    I think I will take a tolerance break for a while, and try to unlearn my dependence on weed, bc I just know I don't need weed anymore. I'm sure of it. I love it, but I don't need it. I've been lying to myself for a long time, in denial. I don't smoke that often, but I couldn't let go.

    I think I'm also going to take a break from grasscity. Probably a permanent break.

    It's been a long time coming, a good break.

    I had an epiphany today. I'm at home with my family now, and I forgot how much I missed them, and how much I loved them, and I was thinking about why I came to California, I think I was running away. Running away from my problems, running away from the ones I love.

    I have neglected my life, in search of something, in search of freedom, in search of ideals which can never be lived up to...I was on a wild goose chase in search of a fantasy. Something that's not real. Something that I could never catch, could never reach, could never find.

    I know now I need to focus on the attainable, not the unattainable. Life is something to be lived, not something to think about doing.

    Yeah, I've done a lot of shit in my life so far, but none of it meant anything.

    No more. I am going to LIVE. And cherish every moment.

    I have been living for the big picture, and neglected the day to day stuff. But the day to day stuff IS the big picture. I have been underachieving all my life, but now I'm setting goals for myself. I will be busy, I'll try to check in every now and then, or maybe i'll just lurk, but I'll remember you guys:D. :gc_rocks:

    Ya I know I'm lame, and this post is lame. And I thought I would never make a post like this, but I don't give a fuck, this is the real deal, ya'll.

    I thank you all. *bows* I have been writing a little book, a true story about my life, and now I think I have an ending. Without you guys, I couldn't have done it:hello::wave:;):):D.

    So, I guess this is goodbye. For now. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here's to new beginnings *raises glass*

    I'll be 21 in a month. I'll be graduating from college in a year or so. The real world... I don't know what that means, but that's where I'll be.

    (I want you to know clicking the submit button was difficult)
  2. Good luck with your life and I hope you come back to us (not weed, necessarily, but the forums definitely).

    Good luck, good luck, good luck. :wave:
  3. congratulations on making a decision that you are confident in. best of luck to you my friend.
  4. Good man, figured shit out. goodbye +rep?:smoke:
  5. applause.. good luck brother. +rep
  6. :hello:

    we will both be 21 in a month woot woot. im happy for you. this thread punched me, as in i too am starting to set goals and accept the fact of the 'real world'. weird world, best of luck to you and i hope to see you around.

    much love brother :wave:
  7. you are definitly right chronictoker, unlearning is just as important.

    you will be missed within grasscity.
  8. kinda like... the ultimate truth cannot be learned, one can only unlearn all that is not the ultimate truth instead.
  9. As strongly as I can say this: you will be most sorely missed.

    I wish you the best in anything and everything you attempt.
  10. Best of luck with everything that happens in your life man, we'll miss ya :wave:
  11. Good luck bro. :(
  12. I'm a new guy in the City so i dont know you much, but either way, tot siens my brother and good luck on your new outlook, i swear you must be talking about my life man, like 3 months ago in reverse or somethin, turned 21 'n jus hit the road - never been the same ever since man. You're on your way dude, jus keep ya head straight n you'll see home. :wave: sayônara! Peace
  13. Best wishes for a long and happy realization. The journey is the fun part, the destination doesn't matter, but you gotta go when its time to go. Adios, amigo!
  14. Thanks, everyone :). I'll miss you guys, too. I'm not saying this is goodbye for good. But at the very least, I'll be busy this year since I'm taking a full schedule and going to be involved in student government probably. I'll try to stop by.

    Got back to Cali last night. 16+ hour flight, including all my layovers:eek:.

    First day back and I already got a date:D, sort of. Going to go over to this girl's apartment for a few drinks and catch up on old times.

    I really need someone like her in my life right now, so cross your fingers for me.

    here's some pictures I took at the Cincinnati Reds game while I was in the OH-IO:






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