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  1. I carry my world like stigmata
    open wounds on my palms open to the elements
    The shell I'm in, easing in and out to a breath so coarse
    Of course, you think I'm the source of my own problems, my own personal chaos
    Lay off, I'm almost certain any day, I'll break off, and wake up in the sands of my mind
    This time aching for a fix, the licks of Satan himself breathing down my neck and reluctantly
    seething hatred into my open mind, my niceties have gone out the window with the rest of my belongings
    I've wronged these and those, not minding my P's and O's, or was it Q's? Hell if I knew, know, now, I know that this is the end, the beginning of the end is the beginning of a trend
    I've seen it, I've heard it, believed it, deserved it, returned it to sender,
    The end cometh not to those who cherish success, success, excess, success, succeeding, eating away at me, breathing, in out, in out, in out, rhythmic, pulsating, like grading the wicked with karma was easy enough, my billy goat's gruff was a southside hut, lock a door, they break a window, board a window, they bust a door, there's no keeping the bugs out when they stop supplying Raid, can't stand this IDOCRACY any longer, that's right, we're beleaguered that they're eager to relinquish sanity for the almighty cent, no sense in paying rent when you can't afford to survive, now we'll do it live, my way, not yours or his or hers, that hasn't worked for centuries and it'll get twenty times worse, forget the hearse, take the gun, leave the Cannoli, take the gun, leave them holey, show me the path and I'll take it, I might stray off a couple times, but in an hour or two I'll make it.
    This is the chance to survive it or drive it off a bend, do you fight or flee, fight or flight, live or die, try or cry, fly away to sunny days, the rain'll find you in the end.

    Father Forgive Yourself, You Know Now What You've Done.
    I'll leave you with one piece of the puzzle to solve a million more
    Open a door, close a window, but the entrance way is blocked by bricks of block and mortar
    Sorted towards the murder, the flock that scan the docks lookin' for fresh meat to feed on
    Your little slice of heaven is almost sure as hell to get peed on
    by the little kids commanding puppets right and left to suitable songs,
    let not the wrongs of our fathers threaten the lives of our sons today
    I guess that day has passed, father, glass, bothered, broken like levees,
    spread out the water like lies, or was it lies like water, I'm a power pole in a flood, I'll erode then explode, supernova into gravel, I could travel down a river, my liver filled with aching thoughts, I'm bought but not spent, received but never sent, lent is for the laymen, and I don't lay for no man, so I'll lie down on my own accord and get up when my chest hurts, take off this shirt and show my scars, body aches ain't nothin' when your soul aches just as hard, dealt cards that never win, my GOD it's barely intimate, I was getting into it but they took it to an incinerator marked "Thoughts and Dreams" ideas in my mind are now ashes as it seems. I'm gone.

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