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Unknown Symptoms

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bdeslaur, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Hello!
    I have a quick question regarding some CBD oil I've been vaping. It came prefilled in a cartridge I got from my dispensary. I took one hit off of it and I got very stoned. After a while, I began to have brief periods of extreme panic every few minutes. It causes my heart to go bonkers.

    I'm quite experienced in weed, but if it helps, this is the first time smoking in months.

    The cartridge advertises 500mg per tank.

    (I accidentally posted this post in the wrong forum, so I made a new one here in the FAQ. My apologies!)
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  2. known symptoms:

    Low tolerance
    Being paranoid
    Weed increasing your heart rate like all weed does

    There u go. Just start low and go slow or whatever it is they say
  3. It sounds like you got THC instead of CBD.
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  4. Could this be what they call “high CBD”? One of the brands I’ve bought were Labeled high CBD and is in fact about 65% thc and 35% CBD.... an awesome and potent oil.
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  5. I actually bought just the THC cartridge. I had no idea it would effect me so much. I was an avid pot head, but I took a 3 month break for mental health concerns.

    Would the solution be for me to ingest CBD before my sessions with the THC Cartridge?

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  6. your ultimate solution for the health of your mind an body is to just stop blazing pot; however, the withdrawal side effects are very harsh---go look at my posts of how this withdrawal has severly affected my "dream cycles" as very weird dreams are what I've having.
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  7. I understand where you’re coming from. I use it as an escape. It’s not like I get totally trashed from it. I just want to be able to use it in small amounts.

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  8. The recent studies I’ve seen say that moderate amount of CBD can enhance the THC high. My experience has been that if I do an edible and later start to feel like I over did it, a few good hits of CBD May moderate it. Note I said may. It won’t make it worse and may make it better. Better choice would be a small very controlled inhale and wait 10 minutes before deciding if you want more. I enjoy getting slightly high with m pain relief but really hate the panicky anxious results of too much. Also, there are a few strains that I just don’t like how they make me feel. Of course, my state regulated quantity allotment doesn’t calculate the need for trial and error... :wacko:
  9. I’m sorry, but before you tell me about pot “withdrawals” I would need to see some science that supports the “addiction” claims. And before you advise all of us not to blaze pot for our health, perhaps you’d like to have that discussion with those of us that live in constant pain! I have cut my use of very addictive pain medications that are known to kill brain cells by more than 1/2. Please go preach somewhere else!
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  10. blazing pot is not for everyone--especially when the user of the cited post says that they have "anxiety sensations"--you need to go back and read the OP. Pot like any drug creates an "imbalance" in the user's neurophysiology which in most cases leads to "good sensations", however, this particular Blade said that they felt "anxiety". Furthermore, since none of us here on this thread are medical docs, I guess our "opinions" are for the consumer of said information to decide upon--I'm not posting for your approval but rathe the OP's info basis, understood?
  11. so it was a THC cartridge? not "CBD oil"?
    sounds like you are just getting too blasted. less hits, smaller hits, hits spaced out longer.

    or, you know, stop blazing pot altogether...
  12. I’m not sure why I’m getting sarcastic remarks about me quitting smoking weed. I don’t want to stop. I was just sharing my anxiety attack experience to see if I was going crazy or if there was a logical explanation.

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