unknown strains..lucky dipp..first time grower on gc!!

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    hello gc people
    so its my first time on the forums an i thought id start a journal seems everyone else has..
    im not what you would call a pro grower i run into problems every now and again an it sucks so it will be nice to have some friendly advice:smoke: lol it rymes...
    i run..
    250w hps for flowering
    20w cool tube 6,700k for veg
    i feed my plants with doff all plant-plant food have two types 1 for veg an 1 for flower!!
    epsom salts and seaweed extract for rainy days
    p.h my water to 6.6...lower my p.h with lime juice...yes lime juice:Dworks a treat not tried apple cider vinegar yet but my tap water is around 10.8/10.9 most days so i need to find the cheapest method to bring it down..
    its a soil and perlite mix 50/50
    mylar covering my grow room walls
    temps around 29c in flower room cant bring them down at the min

    any ways i have got some pics of my first grow (the bud) but only the one as i didnt think i would be showing them off to anyone lol but got some fresh ones just now of the ones under my hps..
    i chopped one as u can see.. so i could get my double cola:Dits got a little (mg) problem no biggie!!
    5 seedlings going 12-12 from seed
    4 seedlings about a 3 days old under my fluro

    please feel free to let me know what you think

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  2. Everything looks good man! :D
  3. thanks its good to hear i thought i was doing ok myself..:cool: lol
  4. so i repotted my double cola plant last night an shes lookin alot more perky than when i took this pic:D
    will put up a pic later of how she looks now

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  5. here we are:D
    she's looking sweet
    i burnt one of my seedlings on the veg light:eek:lol its not so bad as you can see!!
    moved two seedlings into 12-12 today..the outher two are still under the veg light for now..
    they are about two weeks old now so not really seedlings anymore

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  6. Looking great still nice and green!
  7. so the outher two seedlings went into the hps room the day after the outhers...

    my porn:rolleyes:

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  8. got some cool pics for ya here:D

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  9. lookin nice... I'll be watchin for some nice buds
  10. ill be checkin in! any luck on bringing that ph down?
  11. thanks m8 i'll try and come up with the goods:Dlol the seeds had 14 days veg an then went into flower room so fingers crossed...

    cheerz bud.. an i have been bringing it down to 6.6 from 11.0
    i read so many things that say the best p.h is 6.0 then i read more that say 7.0 so i went half way:D
  12. thanks man..
    i'll update later;)
  13. nice cab grow REFFER
  14. sup bro an thanks:D
    few pic's....

    1st.. pic is a cool one...
    my plant has 3 nodes/3 branches not 2 like normal ones all the way down the plant:eek:skillz

    2nd... is the fem hairs
    lookin good so far

    the white dots on my mylar are where my plant had mg problems an i sprayed it with epsom salts...just aint washed it off yet lol bein lazy

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  15. Hey Reefer, your plants are looking good just keep an eye on your PH problems. How did you manage an 11.0 PH? For soil it your PH of the runoff water should be between 6.3 - 6.8 to prevent nutrient lock-out. Also do you have any pics of your Flouro cooltube?

  16. 11.0 comes from my tap m8:D lmao...
    an yea got them pics for ya

    my fluro works better than a 200w envirolight...
    i used 2 have 2 200w envirolights but they suck so i got a 250w hps
    an a cool tube///

    the pic of the light bulbs are the lights im goin to install when i upgrade my grow;)

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  17. i love how we both use videos to hold up stuff in our grows:p
  18. lol even though they dvd's:D
    but yea they good cause i can move one case at a time an the plants stays close to the light..
  19. i dont have that many dvds..all mine are burned lol
    but i had alot of old video tapes and thats what ive been using for my veg light
    ..i used to use them to hold my main plant closer to the light but i have books now haha
    crazy thing is, i have this small swag plant, two days later i had to add another tape :0

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