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Unknown Strain *must See*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FatJayz, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. #1 FatJayz, Jun 14, 2013
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    Got ya with the must see part huh? i'm sure most of you have seen this type of dank before, but i need views lol I have no idea what the strain is, my friend just delivered it to my house and he said it is BOMB and i think thats an understatement. Its so frosty, this pic does not do it justice but its all i can do with my webcam. I paid 40 for this and i don't know how much it is, maybe you can tell me? or give me an estimate at least. 
    here's a lone nug
    *edit* screwed up on the 2nd pic, screw it! 
    lemme know! i wish i had a better cam, you'd high just from looking at it. 
    ps. i'm in so cal

  2. You got ripped the fuck off.
  3. No no no no thats not all i got lol i also had a sack but i fucked up the pic so i just edited it out. it looks like you're average dub sack, but i got it for 40. i can tell you this stuff is sooooo dank though, i took maybe 4 hits from my bowl and i'm floating on kush clouds right now :)
  4. Why would you even bother with a picture that's so shitty?
  5. cause every time i don't post a pic i get bitched at, i got one at least
  6. it looks like good stuff. people will always bitch. as long as you got at least 3-5 nugs that size you did pretty good imho
  7. Hard to tell with quality but it seems like it would be good, enjoy, my friend
  8. Posting a pic proves he bought SOMETHING. well lol it don't look bad but at first I thought you paid 40 for that lone nug. xD glad to hear it came with more weed...
  9. #9 WookiesDoItBest, Jun 14, 2013
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    You, "need views lol"? gotta learn to live if you have to resort to misleading thread titles to make yourself feel better about your view count.
    Secondly, camera lenses have this funky property called focus. Some cheapo webcams don't do that well...but if you have to use one, figure out it's minimum focal distance and hold the nugget there. And resize the photo if you need to make it larger....just not to the point that it becomes uselessly pixelated, or I'll gouge out my eyes with a spoon, eat them, get transplants from a cadaver and then come for yours...
    oh yea i got 2 that size and few smaller ones, but i also got what looked like a gram that had already been broken up with a grinder
    no way lol 
  11. it's definitely a sativa 
  12. You paid 40 for that? Better grab the toaster because you got ripped the fuck off

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  13. no, i didn't pay 40 for that. you really didn't read this thread at all did you?
  14. But you did just say you bought an average dub for 40 so you did infat get ripped off
  15. About a year back I had a plug with some similar looking shit.

    It was bright green, hairy, and looked like someone brought it through a snowstorm it was so covered in white trichs.

    Some of the dankst if had in my day..
    i said it looked like a dub because the nugs were so small but very dense. it also cost 20 a gram o 40 got me 2 grams and a dub is 1.8 so if your just eyeballing it like i am it will look similar, not much difference visually between 1.8 and 2g
  17. Dubs are $20
  18. Your nug looks like a blurball.  I'd like to see your reaction after hitting some dank that get's you stoned off one bowl  :ey: .
  19. Damnnnnn! I never seen bud that greyish or blurry! Must be the hydro wydro superdankpurpscurp!
  20. Oh for cryin out loud, anyone can tell that is durban poision just by looking at the pic.

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