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Unknown Strain - Looking to Identify

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GravityFog, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My friend and I recently bought about 5g a few days ago for $65 and we're having trouble identifying it. We had some last night, great full body high, slight hallucination (but maybe because it was night..), and the buds smell of strong pine, but not overwhelming. Packed 4 or 5 bowls into a homemade gravity bong.. :)


    This particular photo is of the largest nug we got in the sack, weighing out at .9g. The idiot kid we got it from called it 'orange', but we only buy from him because he goes so cheap in comparison to the others in the area.
  2. Yep, that looks like some weed there. Congratulations.

    Really though. You can't tell from a picture on the internet, or even in person.
    Ask your dealer. Orange kush?
  3. ^ what he said. You cant really tell except for a few obvious strains. Its def weed tho.
  4. Nice hairs on that nug.
  5. looks good, as others have said very hard to identify weed by just a pic
  6. it looks like a homegrown bagseed that wasn't cured properly, 2 people i knew who grew didn't know how to cure right and it smelled alot like pine and looked just like that.

    so it's probably a bagseed
  7. just looks like some kind buds.
  8. I know how difficult it is to pinpoint the exact strain, but I was hoping to find some sort of attempt at an intelligent guess as to what it could be.
  9. I,m guessing thats a strain my late great uncle grew in the hills of eastern Kentucky. He called it, "The shit that killed Elvis" and had a baseball bat sized bud of it in a glass container hanging over his fireplace. Yep thats what it looks like to me. (The part about the uncle is true and we smoked the bud at his funeral!) IMO Much Love.
  10. My friend passed away in 2000 and his dad gave us his stash after the funeral- great way to honor those who were dear. It's what they would've wanted. :smoke:
  11. ok defently looks like some Kindbud/beasters or maby even low end dank
    And ya its IMPOSIBLE to tell the strain by a pic or even by having it in person unless its a strain that you have had before that has very distict traits.
    Only a very few strains have very distinct traits and even then theres no way to be 100 percent sure unless you know the grower or got it from a dispensiary

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