Unknown strain autoflower at 6 weeks

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  1. Hi everyone, my unknown autoflower is at 6 weeks and still at veg state, can anyone tell me how to make it start budding faster, it's on a 12 hour light cycle on as off and during veg it received babybio high in nitrogen and I switched to flowering nutes yesterday which is high in potash and phosphorus, it's my first time growing, thank you all for your help!
  2. how do you know it's an auto if you don't know the strain
    most auto's prefer a 24-18 hour light schedule, you're just slowing the plant down
  3. Put it on a 20-4 or 18-6 light-dark cycle.
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  4. Because it showed me it's sex in 2 weeks theanswer121
    Because it showed me it's sex in 2 weeks
  5. apparently it did not, it would have been flowering by now
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    Those were either pre flowers or just new growth you mistook for something else. At 6 weeks a real auto would for sure be budding.
  7. I can't post pics here have no idea why do you have a normal email theanswer121

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