unknown stain shows no trichs.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by peton, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hai!

    Im 30 days into flowering right now, and ive got 3 different stains, one of them is a unknown bagseed..

    that one shows no, i really mean no trichs at all, but the others have loads, and its really not that sticky either, on other hand its buddig up nicely.

    It´s definetly a indica, very short and the buds are dense and solid.

    im scared that it will be no potens in it at all... any clues what stain it could be, or why no tricks shows?

    this first pic, its at 27days of flower, the second is at 28days, the rest i dont know the day on, but its around 25-28





  2. kinda looks like snow white, or something similar :)

    whatever it is, keep up the good work, that thing will sure give you one good high when you smoke it :D
  3. I agree that it looks similar to Snow White. Keep it flowering, peton, I hear the high is amazing.

    Btw, how tall is that plant? I'm growing Snow White myself and I would like to know how tall these plants get.

    Good luck.
  4. its very short due a short veg period, and it really dont streatch much at all, maybe because she was topped.. shes now at 60centimeter, ~24 inches

    ermm. ive looked at some pictures of snow white now, and i can clearly se some similarity between em :cool:
  5. How short of a veg period are we talking about here? I plan on vegging for at least a month so it can preflower on its own.
  6. vegged it for 7 days, should have it longer, but i planted other seeds erlier. but it took över 20 days before they showed sex.
  7. Wow, it grew into a decent sized plant considering the short amount of time you vegged it.

    One last question, how's the odor? Is it skunky as hell or sweet smelling?

  8. How are you going about looking for trichs?
  9. The plant odor issent skunky, ermm... do you know how power plant smells? well, it allmost smells nothing, a hint o citrus... the mazars smells like 10 times more! :rolleyes:
  10. My first grow ever I had some blueberry and some random bagseed. The blueberry turned out great, but one of the bagseeds was like yours-no trichs. It ended up having no potency. I'd still harvest and try it though.
  11. I have cut down some of the lower and smalest buds on the plant and quick dryed, and there is really some thc in it! and allready gives a pleasant buzz! :p
  12. what do you mean no potency? did the weed you got it from have no potency? (then why did you get seeds from it?)

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