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  1. Hey guys,
    So recently I have been noticing something affecting my plant. At first it was droopy and looked like it was close to death honestly, so I watered it and figured out that was the main issue which was being underwatered. It then perked up a bit but continued to yellow and some leaves started to crumble a bit. Now I'm witnessing some spots on my leaves and I'm not sure as to why or what from. I think it might be a cal-mag deficiency but I water with tap so I wouldn't know why a deficiency in cal-mag would be present. Any suggestion as to why I'm seeing these spots / yellowing of my leaves. ? My plant is in week 6 of flower and I'm feeding it ; Kool bloom 10-10-10, Grow big ,and hydroguard. Let me know what you think could be the issue .
  2. Here are what the spots are looking like currently

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  3. What's your pH looking like? It's not ca/mg
  4. I keep my PH around 6.0. I grow in coco choir. But I recently seen microscopic white bugs around the rim of my pot! So I'm inferring that it's a gnat problem being that the leaves mimic that of a fungus gnat problem. I just applied some growstone gnat nix to the top layer to see if anything gets better.

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