Unknown problem! Help!

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  1. Hey guys!
    So my plant has had curling up leaves since the start, the plant could have definitely gotten heat stress in the beginning because it was too close to the light but now it's not at all and I installed AC so it's next to impossible.
    It continues to grow smoothly, I did notice that there was some darkening happening on the top leaves after I topped it but I have really high nitrogen levels ATM (hasn't been a problem for long and will be fixed soon)

    Another thread I had the guy claimed it to be russet mites but I want to rule everything out before I go buying a microscope w money I don't have.

    1 plant, 4CFLs, one desk fan, and AC room
    -PH= slightly acidic

    Thanks for ur help!

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  2. I started by seed and I'm transplanting soon too btw
  3. I can also see the new growth starting to do it I think

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  4. What's your humidity like? And how close is your fan?

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  5. My fan is about a foot and a half away, and not directly at the plant because it was pushing the plant around a lot, just enough to keep the plant moving.

    My humidity has been uncontrolled until recently and it definitely has been reealllly fucking humid in here before I got the AC, I don't really have a way to monitor it and I don't dehumidify unless I can tell it's too much because it also makes my room freezing fucking cold hahaha
  6. id say it's usually 50-60
    But has definitely been more in the past
  7. Oh damn maybe it's wind burn?!
  8. Unlikely if it's from the start actually
  9. Too cold.

    Get it up to high 70s.

  10. No the humidity is in the 50-60s
  11. Thoughts?

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