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  1. hey GC ive been searching and searching for an answer, and no one can help me. My setup is a 250w mh soil in a closet, with 70-80 f temp. I noticed the yellowing of a leaf tip, and some weird yellow blotching close to the end. The soil mix i used is mainly sphagnum peat moss, which is highly acidic, but i measured the runoff of my water and its around 7. Is the moss still affecting my plants although the runoff is set? here are some photos, a week and a half old, and some leafs are curling at the side, and some yellow blotches are appearing toward the base. Please help? if you enlarge the photos, the trouble spots are circled in red, they are hard to see but they are there.

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  2. Okay!

    I quickly glanced over your paragraph, and from what I've seen this is about a tweek level problem (that is to say, a bit of tweaking will fix it.)

    Let me explain a bit about plants in general...

    When they capture something, or too much of something, they store it in the leaves, end roots, and top steams...farthest away from the thicker plants as it can get it.

    Currently, your soil seems to be the issue.

    Peat moss, be it a great starter does not make it great for a growing substrate.
    The peat is holding not only too much water..but a significant amount of acids. Although your run off might be measuring around 7 I guarantee that if you tested near and around the roots and inner soil of the pot, it would test around 8-9+

    Do yourself a favor, cut back on the water but first! find a better soil...I find regular potting soil is the best, mix in perlite if the soil doesn't t already have it, and DO NOT GET MOISTURE CONTROL SOIL!
  3. i bought potting soil, and mixed it with 30% perlite. THe mix of the potting soil is 50-60% spaghnum peat moss and the rest is pasturized puoltry littler, amongst other things. i figured since it was acidic it would be a lower ph, not a higher. Should i transplant all of the seedlings into new soil? my only other option out here is MG potting soil, as to why i chose this as an alternative.
  4. Looks ok to me man.
    A lot of times the first set or two of leaves will be a little "off." This doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem. Most likely your new growth will be just fine. Give it another week and see if it doesn't grow out of it.
  5. thanks for the positive outlook, i appreciate that.

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