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unknown from chicago...any good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by eljacko129, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. hey i just got this for 60 an 8th.

    any good?

    one nug is 1.5 g

    Photo 1.jpg

    Photo 2.jpg

    (I know the resolution sucks)
  2. looks good, a little pricey for 60 an 8th
  3. looks great! :smoking:
  4. Yeah, from the pic it doesn't look to be of 60 an 8th quality, but I could be mistaken. Aside from that it looks like nice bud bro.
  5. yeah, but in chicago, 60 an 8th for some good stuff is about the best price you'll get...sad i know, believe me...
  6. that's the midwest for ya...:(
  7. dude, no way a 1.5g bud?:p
  8. Looks dank man. 60 is a little steep but if it's good smoke, it's good smoke :)
  9. ha yeah tell me about it, ridiculous

  10. yeah i never pay more than 45 an eighth.. and i get some dank shit
  11. 60 for an eigth is standard price in Illinois.
  12. unfortunately, that's very true...
  13. Even thought the picture quality is bad you can still tell it's some dank bud.
    And yes $60 for an 1/8 of dank is the price around Chicago/Northwest Suburbs.
  14. man i'm fucking sick of ppl hate on prices.Where ever u live some shit is cheaper than other places get over it. 60 an 8th is da going rate in chicago.if u find it cheaper than la de fucking da
  15. I pay 60 an eighth for my dankness down in houston.
    that looks straight but everyone on here is so used to seeing bud through the magnifying glasses and getting it for like half the prices we're getting so noone will be able to tell you xD
    I would smork that nug fasho.

    aaaanddd, I'm stoned out of my mind atm >.<:smoking:
  16. looks good. very similar to buds i was getting while in chi during first semester. pretty average price for good herb around there.
  17. the smoke was pretty good. very herbal smell to it. Currently this is what is going around the chicagoland area.

    smoke tasted a little bitter, but always had a nice sweet aftertaste. cinnamon and maple syrup.

    got another nug that is 2 g. Very kiefy too.

    review: The high sneaks up on you, but once it comes, wham. Definitely an indica dominant. Makes you wanna sleep. Its no grandaddy purp, but it is effective. I'd give it a 7/10

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