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  1. So I have a really healthy plant ph 6.2, good mix of soil, not that many nutrients though and regular old tap water, and I have some leaves that look a little lack luster like this that aren’t getting light but only like 5 or 7 but everything else getting light seems to be vibrant could anyone point out what this im kinda a perfectionist so I don’t like any leaves dying at lol thx.[​IMG]

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  2. And this is my definition of healthy am I wrong?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Nitrogen maybe. During veg they need more of that then P and K
  4. Looks like it may be either Magnesium deficiency or beginning stages of Nitrogen deficiency, but I can't be certain with that one leaf. Can you take a pic of the whole plant in natural light? I'd like to see where the affected leaves are from? If from only the bottom part of the plant, then perhaps it's nitrogen deficiency. Still, a pic of the whole plant in natural light would help.
  5. I did some light defoliating a week ago or so maybe less and it’s pretty healthy it’s only like a couple select few leaves that have this look and disregard that one fucked up leaf at the bottom I leave that as a shield if the plant runs into any problems ill know when that leaf dies off but yes any info on what this might be would help I’d like to nip this before it cause anything major

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