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Unknown Crystally Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AlkaSeltzer, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. #41 AlkaSeltzer, Sep 29, 2010
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    All you are doing by constantly trying to prove your weed is better is justifying how much of a weed snob you are, as I mentioned earlier.

    2. weed snob

    Someone who insists their weed is superior to all others. They will say that their weed is the shit and that yours sucks. They also care much more about knowing what the stupid strand names are than actually smoking the fucking weed.
    "Dude I got the best fucking herb yesterday. It's called Lemon Kush. It's the shit dude it's so much better than that cheap crap you smoke."

    So unless you have anything good to say in this thread, Fuck off and get out. Your constant bickering about my weed is not bothering me at all.

    Edit: 420th post
  2. shit id blaze that right down in some nice proper bluntage. haha. especially for that price id be buying that and selling it all day haha
  3. #43 T r i p p i n, Sep 29, 2010
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    Read my posts again, how was I being unfair in any way?

    :rolleyes: I don't need to boost my ego on a forum, once again I posted my opinion on the weed which I THOUGHT was the intention of this thread, but apparently you are just supposed to post about how dank and amazing the weed is even if you don't agree? Yeah that makes sense!
  4. No mate, you're just not meant to post if you don't like what you see...
  5. I will post anywhere I want whenever I want. If I want to say I don't think the weed is dank then I will. I even tried to be sincerely nice about it I never tried to put the OP down, all I said was I didn't think it was 'dank' and I wouldn't buy it....

    I think these forums should have good vibes and all but you're just taking it to far to the point where if you have anything negative to comment at all you shouldn't post, thats just dumb to me.
  6. i'd easily pay 25 for that bud
  7. I agree with you, if you want to say your opinion on things why should people hate on you for that?

    You werent even being rude in your first comment you posted on this thread, you just clearly stated that bud wasnt "dank" (which i agree) but what ever makes you happy, ect.

    + rep for not following the herd.
  8. i wouldnt even take that if someone gave it to me for free, nah joking aside its mids but hey its nice smoke away, the 2nd one is dankkkk
  9. That isn't dank at all, it's pretty bad bud actually (Don't really know if you can call it bud because it's all stems and leaves)

    I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to educate. It's pretty crystally, but I would pay like $15 for something like that. (Don't compare because prices change by area)
  10. You got some dank ass leaves man ;)

    I'd pay 25 for an eighth of that any day though. Them sugar leaves are definitely smokeable :smoke:
  11. I've had lemon kush and yes its pretty good but the weed in your pics are just garbage. And yes I am a weed snob and very proud of it, because I would never buy shit like what you buy. Its very easy to say you have good weed but all you can post is pics of crap weed.

    And even if I got nothing good to say I will not fuck off and not get off this thread this is a public thread who are you to tell me what to do? You can't and never will... muahahha

    Its not bothering you? then why tell me to fuck off if its not bothering you? You lie but I can see right through it douchbag.

    Go fill your lungs with tar from crap weed. I smoke 0.5-2.5 grams of purple kush budder a day and will get much higher then you will get in a week.

    When I buy weed I never ask for what is the cheapest thing they have, I always ask for what is the most expensive one because I dont want to waste my lungs on garbage like what you have in your pic. You must come from the ghetto and have to worry about money thats why you're always looking for a deal.
  12. #52 AlkaSeltzer, Oct 1, 2010
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    1.Sour Diesel
    2.White Widow

    You in fact never asked me to post any more pictures, though i have also posted kief in this thread.


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