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Unknown Crystally Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AlkaSeltzer, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. How much did it weigh? And hey fuck all the haters. You're the one smoking it
  2. It wound up weighing 4 g
  3. Then you got a good deal bro :p
  4. someone needs to ban all the haters, id smoke that and op is probably high as fuck atm.

    nice pick up.
  5. Why be such an asshole, that's your opinion, it didn't need to be said and wasn't very nice so why bother writing it in here?
    And I think that is pretty dank, it looks just as good as some of the nicer stuff i've had in Amsterdam and you can't say something isn't Dank just by looking at it...
    OP it looks good man, and that picture on the second page most certainly looks 'dank'.

  6. If you think that is pretty good stuff then you must be smoking sess or some shit brick weed. So you think your life is better because you smoke garbage?

    I on the other hand have over 30 grams of purple kush budder, so go suck on that!

  7. Again, how can you say anything about that bud without having smoked it, or even smelt it or seen in the flesh...
    Don't listen to the haters OP.

  8. Lets not start this, just because it looks shitty dont mean there isnt other items in my collection.

  9. You think your lifes better because you have 30 grams of budder?
    To each there own, no need to go bashing some bud you've never smoked.

    yeah it looked a bit leafy, just a nice trim and i bet the OP was sky high.

  10. Lol. Yes I am SUCH an asshole for stating my opinion the same as you are. I don't think it's dank weed, I don't think its necessarily bad either but I think the term 'dank' is going too far, maybe some decent mids. Oh and I highly doubt this looks anything like the 'nicer' weed in Amsterdam.

  11. I agree with you, these people think we are haters are just idiots. We know our weed, what is good and what is shit. We are not easily satisfied with leafy stemmy mids. Its doesnt take a rocket scientitst to know that after you remove all that leaf and stem you will probably end up with no more then 1.5 grams for $25? Not me not in a million years, why do I need to buy garbage like this and then work some more by removing all the leaves and stems? I paid for it so I shouldnt have to do anymore work.
  12. He's got the papers, and he's got the pot. I'd take that eighth of shake for $25
  13. it looks like the bag shake from an ounce
  14. can people post without talking shit?

    if you dont approve...dont say anything at all

    on the other hand...
  15. Shit. Pass the L over here OP. Id smoke that all day. Looks dank to me. :cool: Smoke up son!:smoke:
  16. Good call on the export greens, man. My favorite paper. And the best money can buy IMO.

    Nice bud too.

    As for all the bell ends in this thread... Go jack off or something.
  17. i got stuff like this that was a little more dry for 40 an 8th, it was surprisingly good and it looked exactly like this stuff but the leaves were browner. weed is weed as long as its not dirt... thats not true at all but the stuff doesnt look to bad. personally, i would have walked out/hung up on my dealer if he expected 25 a g for it tho. theres faaarrrr danker stuff u can get for 25. at least where im from.
  18. Erm, I think it does because i've been a few times so i'm judging from personal experience here.
    And you're expressing your opinion but being horrible to the OP and why bother trying to make someone else feel bad just to make yourself feel better on a forum, if you haven't got anything nice or constructive, don't bother posting.
  19. i dont even think that can be considered "bud"
  20. Looks fine to me, Toke up :)

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