Unknown bug. Can’t find a image that is the same anywhere on the web

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  1. Week 3 of flower and have found these bugs. Looking an hr a day on avg for the last 5 days I have found; day,
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    I have a digital microscope that has given me clear images. Only on the bottomside of the leaf. Note the black horns on the abdomen. Quite pronounced. They are very slow and I have seen 0 signs of webbing. I would appreciate a name of them and/or any tips on treatment. Thanks for your speedy assistance. I do have a few more images but they show the same features.

    this is my first post. If I violated any rules I do apologize and will follow any direction given. Thanks again. I

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  2. Also I have been experimenting with spraying isopropyl 100% on the bottoms of the leaves using the fan after 2 min to remove what’s left
  4. Aphid?
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  5. [​IMG]
    aphid baby, will go green as it gets older

    and born pregnant too ..lol

    good luck
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  6. If you're growing in an enclosed space, release some ladybugs. They will hunt the aphids down.
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  7. A-fucking-phids
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  8. in the photo.....are we looking at a bug born in 2020? probably dead by now.
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  9. I hate those things. The little SOBs ate my roses.
  10. Athena IPM or Lost Coast Plant Therapy, applied as a foliar, will get rid of them.
    Keep in mind that the spray has to make contact with the bug to kill it, so if you miss one, you get to start over a week later, so its important to do a heavy drench, especially the bottom of the leaves.
  11. my weed is free for the moment of aphids but the chilli flowers is another story

    I've never had such an aphid hassle growing chilli outta season

    they seem to be almost attracted to the chilli pollen ...fookers!

    I'm caught really had I sprayed bug killer/ neem. Even..then it would block the female receptors in the flower
    thus no chillis will be born so I take them outside wrap in a trash bag and hose the plant down

    don't grow chilli in winter
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  12. They love dark greens like kale in my garden.
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