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  1. Currently have a stalk which sprouted around April 18th, 
    I started her indoors but it has been growing in an outdoor environment for majority of its life - Daylight cycles in my region are relatively constant.

    I'm beginning to see brownish hairs on some of my buds and plan to dry them indoors suspended in a cardboard box within a closet.
    (Approximately 7 weeks old) 

    I'd like to get an idea of when would be the most appropriate time to collect my buds and how can I prep my drying area beforehand to improve the final product.

    These photos were taken two days ago - 6/9/13

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  2. There are zero nugs on that girl right there.
  3. No shit what's going on

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  4. 7-10 weeks thsts just started flowering
  5. appreciate it, Imma keep an eye on it as it continues to develop. 
    Do you think it's too late to tie some of the branches down to allow more light to reach the underexposed areas?
  6. not at all, do it up
  7. cool, imma get on that ASAP - nearing harvest Imma begin spray bottle treatment with 1 part peroxide mix for bacteria
    my only fear is the peroxide possibly breaking down the THC compounds 
  8. are you seeing white powdery mildew?
  9. na, it's growing healthy and uninhibited other than pests mostly on the fan leaves - tied the main stalk down n cut off a clipping to clone since I think it'll have a better chance to catch itself at night.
  10. so why are you spraying for bacteria if you don't have any?  
  11. Preventive measures really - I'm assuming that more pests will be attracted to her once the buds begin to develop further
  12. what does bacteria have to do wtih any of that?  you should be adding silica and considering neem/azamax/etc for bugs, not spraying peroxide
  13. Learn how to trike your buds. 70%milky 30% amber. Good luck!
  14. appreciate it, i'll look into those
  15. appreciate it, right now only bout 5% got that amber tint
  16. no they don't lol
    takes at least 6-8 weeks of flower to pull amber trichs, usually longer in my experience
  17. Damn cut the guy a break he's just excited !! Maybe he sees them Lol

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    Looks like about 6 weeks to go..
  19. Hello?!?!!

    you all read the "outdoors" part right? OP your bud isn't gonna be done till late Sept. soonest.
  20. Furthest into its life cycle I've gotten any of my plants -
    Considering it's already shown gender and has begun producing THC - why do you believe it'll take so long for the plant to reach full maturity ?

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