unknown bong percs

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  1. bought this jewel on my birthday last weekend and i love it although i don’t recognize the percs. i would think the top perc is a dewar and i am clueless on the bottom percs at the base of the bong they seem to be suction cups
    please correct me if i am wrong

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  2. Very unusual for sure. They do look like a suction cups? Uncertain though very unusual piece. I love bongs I mostly make my own.

    Skully 2.1[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. you have a great talent my sir. and yes, the piece is very unusual.
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  4. Thank you

    I have an alien head bong that I'm working on. I just picked up a little spaceship for the with a alien dude in it. LoL it glows in the dark kind of and it kind of looks like the spaceship from when Mars Attacks LOL that's the theme I'm trying to use as well but to buy one of those little spaceships and Alien dude from the Mars Attacks movie are very expensive depending on how good the condition that the boxes and n stuff is in. They can they start around 60.00 and on up.
    But I'll get it figured out sooner than later. I wish I had a picture of all the bongs that I've made in my life I made a lot of them. Out a lot of different things LOL
  5. got any for sale? or would you make custom bongs for someone?
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  6. I probably owned like more than 50 bongs...now they all gone......
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  7. Thanks man

    The big skull is a Vodka bottle.
    The mid n little skulls came from a on line store?
    The hand and tiny skull came together as a snow globe froze and broke.
    A little imagination and a diamond Tip Drill Wawa Scully was born

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