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Unknown Beasters. DANK, macros!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jayb1rd, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. This is some straight fire ive been getting here lately, for 5 a gram, 35 a quarter. I have no clue as to why its this cheap, haha, but i'm not complaining :smoking:

    Its like some baby dro i'm guessing. It tastes and smokes like most hydros ive had. And boy does it creeeeep. Any help as to what this is exactly would be appreciated!





  2. Nice if that was 35 qtr I'd stock up.

  3. nice bud...and nice dugout...i got the same starting to use it now..(conserve mode) happy tokin man one love
  4. looks like the same i have man, Im in GA. But yes I usually get mids from my guy and if this is what he keeps getting me, well im happy. Little leafy buy nonetheless its goooood :smoking:
  5. i think its just me..i love when my weeds leafy
  6. Nice pics dude. And you got a sick deal on that IMO.

  7. leaves add crap to the weight and are hardly good for smoking. but to each, his own.
  8. go get some weight... a deal like that doesnt come around often :smoke:
  9. looks pretty good for the price. nice pickup man.

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