unknowingly took a fat rip of hamburger meat

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  1. Title says it all. I was smoking with a buddy of mine, and we hadjust eaten lunch. We packeda bowl and passwd it a few times, until eventually it was set down to hard, and some weed rolled out.

    Me being stoned, I reached for the first thing that appeared to be burnt weed on the ground and stuck it in the bowl. I proceeded to take a fat rip, before noticing that my "weed" was popping like a piece of bacon on a skillet, and i was coughing my lungs out.

    My buddy tried to rip itbefore we noticed a burned piece of hamburger protruding from the bowl. By far my biggest stoner moment so far. I felt like a real idiot haha.

    Yeah I expect lots of "cool story bro" retardation going on, but thats GC.
  2. Cool Story bro. Howd it taste?
  3. A kid I knew back in High school smoked a moth once...

  4. Thats just nasty, but idk how much better inhaling dead cow flesh is.

    Pretty much tasted like a charred grease ball
  5. I smoked a moth in High school. Are you talking bout me. the mothe landed in the bowl and i didn't know it.
  6. Haha, that sounds pretty gross man. Was it atleast %80 lean meat??
  7. The kid I knew did it purposefully
  8. Mothman prophecies
  9. Free food man.
  10. ^^^
    I dont think you gain calories by inhalation, but I like the way you think.
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    TO gain energy through inhalation is possible but you'd die from it because the air would have to be super hot

  12. Very good to know. You learn something new, every fucking day.
  13. Or at least you get told something new every day. :D
  14. Jeffdankity like to stick a couple pubes into his bowl for company ;).
    Here bro take a fat rip of these hairs
  15. someone on GC claimed they smoked a slug by accident
  16. dude...what if you could smoke food and thats how you ate?
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    Haha but whats truth these days? Everything is relative.

    According to scientists we have discovered two Higgs bosons, which contradicts everything we know about quantum mechanics. Acording to them, if this cant be rectified, our last 100 years of science is flase.

    A bit of an off topic ramble. What can I say, im stoned.:)

    @ angstrom

    That would be badass. Then bongs wouldnt be taboo, since everyone would be taking fat rips of McDonalds.
  18. lol we were seshing one day at my buddies and his brother 1 year younger cam in and asked for a bowl, me being stoned as fuck and eating pretzels said he could only hit a bowl if he smoked a pretzel bowl lol, and my friend being high as fuck said ya and ill smoke you another bowl if you smoke this ju jube.

    so him being the dumb fuck he is agreed to it. loaded up a pretzel bowl smokes it starts coughing his ass off, then grabs the ju juube throws it in the bowl started to smoke it. it started to melt and bubble and black smoke came off it.

    so he pretty much started dieing at this point and he fell down onto the bed, my buddy looked at his chop tray and said haha sorry bro I don't have any weed left, I looked in mine and I had none either lmfao

    so this kid just smoked a bowl of pretzels followed by a bowl of ju jubes for no reason ahahaha
  19. +rep for that story
  20. haha thanks man
    ur signature is funny as fuck by the way

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