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  1. as i've said in a few of my posts on GC, i've been accepted to Clarkson University, in Potsdam, NY.. and will be attending for the fall semester of 2003..

    today i received the mailing which contains information about my physical and immunizations, and something caught my eye as i was looking through

    i see Urinalysis on the physical sheet. after asking around some, i know that clarkson is a major school for potheads (glad i'll be fitting in :)) but what i'm wondering is.. during this physical they wont be testing for any drugs (marijuana, as it's the only "illegal" "drug" i use) can anyone confirm this?

    i understand the school wants my $35k/yr and if they find it anyone i don't know if it'd be a problem, but under the urinalysis thing it says:

    Protein: (spot to write)
    Glucose: (spot to write)
    Other: (spot to write)

    anyone know what this is all about?
    i'd just like to know BEFORE my physical, as i have no problem stopping smoking my precious herb if my future depends on it, such is this case :)
  2. they cant do anything if you test for weed. they just look for certain proteins in ur urine. same thing as a sports physical. only time you might run into a drug test is if you play sports for them.
  3. You need to read a handbook from the school. Maybe it will have that information in it. If not, ask someone at the school. I personally think that a physical for school that's not associated with sports is way too much. It seems they're invading a student's privacy by needing to know about their proteins and glucose levels. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't automatically test. If they are doing an extensive urinalysis then they can use the excuse that they aren't testing for something specific, necessarily, but for anything that comes up. Just read the fineprint on whatever you have. You may find the anwer there. Different schools have different rules and regulations so they may have some kind of specific drug policy. I didn't have to deal with that when I went to school.

    Congratulations on being accepted...and for knowing that your future is definitely important enough to give MaryJane up for a little while. :)

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