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  1. Heyy i'm from Vancouver and I was wondering if Uvic or UBC Okanagan would be the better school to go to.. by better I mean, what is the atmosphere like? Are there lot's of parties and chicas? I know lot's about uvic, but not much about UBC Okanagan as its a new school..

    Also I wanna become a lawyer, would UBC Okanagan give me a great education for poly science and economics.. would it be easier after getting my 4 year bachelors to transfer to UBC Vancouver for Law School. Would Uvic be the better option? I'M GONNA GUESS THAT kELOWNA IS 420 FRIENDLY?
  2. Hmm. I know a lot about UBC Vancouver but not much about Okanagan. I do know that it's a lot smaller and has a smaller vibe to it than Vancouver (obviously), and Kelowna is a lot smaller. If you're from Vancouver you should go visit the Okanagan campus and see what it's like, and if it's feasible for you you should also visit the UVic Campus. I hear Victoria is amazing, and I've heard good things about UVic.

    One downside to Victoria is that you'll live on the island, which might get tiresome after a while.

    Oh and the dorms at UBC Vancouver weren't 420 friendly, but Okanagan may be different. I don't think "friendly" is the right word, but it may be tolerated or ignored there. It's not like they were ball busters in Van though.
  3. I've always heard that UVic has a pretty decent law program, so maybe doing your Bachelor's there would be more beneficial because you'll be familiar with the campus and culture.
  4. the only problem i've ever heard about UBC Okanagan is that when people finish their schooling they don't want to leave because the area is so awesome.
  5. Never heard of either of these fucking places.

    Canadians, pffft. :D
  6. haha well you've given me lots to think about! im gonna visit both campuses and see what they have to offer.. Both seem pretty 420 friendly, i just need to a little more info on UBC Okanoagan :$ One thing about Victoria is that it will get boring, but the program there is pretty good. then again ubc okanagon has a pretty awesome political science program from what I hear.
  7. These places are home to some of the best weed grown in the world (; if you ever heard of madchild, he's from kelowna
  8. Can anyone dig up any more info on either schools.. especially for UBC-O cause its such a mystery :s
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    1. Uvic 2. Law degree is stupid. They have huge cost and are associated with high graduate unemployment / under employment and typically have low starting pay with long hours.

    edit: Don't mean to call law degrees stupid. There are all kinds of personal reasons for choosing a degree. Just overrated and are currently in a bad bursting bubble.
  10. It's much different here in canada than the U.S. of A ;p
  11. I'm still unsure.. I need facts and unbiased opinions
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    - moonshine
    - dry summers
    - retirees
    - wet.

  13. Which school did you chooses?
  14. I'm in the exacct same boat. UVic or UBCO. I lived in Kelowna for a while and I had a few friends from UBCO. It's got a lot of people from out of town but a lot of locals too, and I've heard UVIC is clicky and stuff but UBCO seems a little clicky too for the first year rez thing. Either way, socialization in the same. I found at UBCO you get a lot of the chill stoners who really dig snowboarding. In the summer we'd always go to the beach and there's so many places to hike. The music scene and pretty legit there too. It sucks that the campus is a bus ride away from downtown but I'm pretty sure Vics is too. Kelowna is a bit of a party town, the retirees all live on the other side of the lake.
    I'm kind of leaning towards UBCO, because I want to transfer to UBC after first year and I already know I like Kelowna. I've heard that Victoria is really uncultured and all the students are 17-22 basically which kind of sucks.The weather would be amazing though.
    Let me know where you decide. Maybe we can brainstorm haha.
  15. We need to brainstorm for sure, pros and cons.. Personally there both similiar, but what Uvic has is the social justice and co-ep programs, UBCO has the name and the international programs.. idk man
  16. Wants to become a lawyer, looking for the best party school. No wonder why the judicial system sucks  :laughing:

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