University of Tennessee Ranked Top 'Party School'

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  1. Knoxville, Tenn., will soon be under siege by men in mirrored sunglasses lugging beer kegs and yelling "Wassup!" - the University of Tennessee was declared the No. 1 "party school" in a survey released Monday.

    It's an honor the 28,000-student school definitely didn't want. Leaders at the school have been seeking to reverse a decade of weak funding from the state and are searching for a new president. The ranking from the Princeton Review doesn't help.

    "We've always wanted to be on somebody's short list," joked Richard Rhoda, executive director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. "Will there be fallout? I would imagine we will be ridiculed by some over the ranking. But I would hope not in serious circles."

    The Review draws up the lists based on a 70-question survey given randomly to some 65,000 students. Students rate their own schools, based on consumption of alcohol and marijuana, and other criteria.

    "There are some students here who do party very hard," UT-Knoxville student president Bradford Bricken said. "But there are some students that study all the time, too."

    Tennessee, ranked No. 6 on last year's party school list, supplanted Louisiana State University, which dropped to No. 2. Nine of the 20 top party schools were in the South, including Southern Methodist University in Dallas and the University of Texas at Austin.

    The Princeton Review is a division of New York-based Random House publishers. It is not affiliated with Princeton University.

    The top 20 party schools, according the Review:

    1. University of Tennessee

    2. Louisiana State University

    3. University of California-Santa Cruz

    4. Florida State University

    5. University of Colorado

    6. University of Alabama

    7. St. Bonaventure University

    8. Ohio State University

    9. University of Wisconsin

    10. University of Florida

    11. University of New Hampshire

    12. University of Georgia

    13. University of Texas

    14. Tulane University

    15. Lehigh University

    16. New York University

    17. Colgate University

    18. University of Vermont

    19. Southern Methodist University

    20. University of California-Santa Barbara

    The Associated Press contributed to this report
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  2. Michael Phelps needs to go on a cross-country tour visiting the whole top 20, that guy knows how to party, i've seen the pic :)
  3. NYU? Never thought of them as a party school at all...
  4. :hello: I will probably be going there in a few years.
  5. Damn, three years ago we (WVU) were number 1. Now we have slipped out of the rankings.
  6. Wow my state finally known for something :p
  7. Go Boulder! My school coming in at a strong 5th!
  8. hell yeah my school is at #2!!!
  9. Anyone else think #19 is a bit ironic

    - 19. Southern Methodist University
  10. I actually live like 20 mins from SMU and I would have never guessed that they were a huge party school. I do know that they had a huge drug bust at the school a couple of years ago, like alot of the fraternities/sororities got busted from cocaine and some other stuff
  11. what ever happened to Mich. State?
  12. in my experience nobody comes close to beating Central Michigan University
  13. Any Uni.
  14. lol wheres the rutgers love. i definitely wouldve put them somewhere on this list
  15. Thought Umass Amherst use to be pretty high on that list, now it's not even on it?

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