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  1. I'm currently looking at unis in the UK, any UK students kicking around here? What uni do you go to/ do you like it?

    inb4 no replies :wave:
  2. My bro goes to Kingston Uni in London. He's going for civil engineering.
  3. What are you planning to study? I managed 4 years at Bangor University in North Wales. It was a right laugh, also worked hard of course! The surrounding area offers some of the most beautiful scenery and countryside in the UK in my opinion. Age old castles and expansive forests and mountains to explore. Great for outdoorsy folk with plenty of hiking and climbing in and around Snowdonia National Park, which attracts adventure types and adrenaline junkies from all over the UK. Also great for watersports like surfing, yachting, kayaking, etc. as it's right next to the sea. One of the best psych departments in the UK, also great for marine biology and other biology orientated courses. The Welsh locals were very hospitable (just don't say you're English! JOKE). Decent nightlife with at least one great club (an old stone farmhouse called Hendre Hall). Seemed to be more women there than men around the place (always a plus). The university has a large stoner community, although I suppose most do these days.
    My best friend was an American stoner from Iowa, we smoked it up almost everyday in first year, had to cool it a bit from 2nd year what with extra workload and tighter finances.
    Well worth a visit even if you decide not to study there!

  4. That sounds really cool, I'm planning on studying Biochemistry.
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    Sweet deal mate, I did biochem as part of my degree. I was studying plant biology and the surrounding areas offer excellent scope for field trips of a natural history type vibe.
    Also Dublin is only a 3.5 hour ferry trip away from Holyhead on the island of Anglesey. London, Euston station is only 3 hours train ride away from Bangor. Liverpool is very close too if you're after some proper city life and sight seeing.
    I highly recommend a visit hippie flip! Check it out on the web

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