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    If you buy it, let us know how it is! If it's any good, I'll probably pick it up.
  2. I have it, and it is absolutely amazing! It's so much fun while your high :D
  3. I bought it and it's AMAZING! I just collided two galaxies. :cool:
  4. Sounds awesome but I hate Steam.

  5. yeah steam pisses me off sometimes, I had Unreal Tournament 3 on it and it wouldn't run with full graphics up and would get too laggy to even play, (my computer could easily handle it) and then I got the disc from a friend and played it w/o steam and could use the graphics fully.
  6. damn this looks awesome i might buy it!! what are some other good steam games when high haha
  7. This game is G'd as fuck. Been playing it for about a week now. I have so much fun, even if I do that same shit over and over again.
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    Lol same issue with ut3 man fuckin steam.

    So is this universe sandbox like spore... or like way more extreme (as spore lacks extreme universal epicness)
  9. No lol, its a dope game.

    You basically can create a blank canvas, and put stars, galaxies, planets, asteroids and shit. And you can fucking around with them, increase the mass, density and shit of objects.

    If you know alot about physics and how gravity works and shit, this game would probably be the best game in the world. But if you don't ( like me ) its still a fucking legit game.

  10. Is its just a free roam (not as in roam around, as in, no plot, no story, no conquests), or do they provide weird missions, achievements and stuff you have to do.... or is it just like here, have a universe, you are now god, GO!!!!!! I love physics haha, but i find myself often bored quickly with games that dont have something you can achieve eventually haha, maybe now that im back on my comp i should stop being lazy and look this shit up myself, huh? hahahahahaha
  11. Hahaha so i watch a few youtube vids, read the steam dealio on it, and its already almost done downloading (takes like fucking 4 mins haha, TINY file). 10 bucks is mad cheap for that shit.... when its done ill instal and tell you how it is hahaha
  12. Gmod is funny as hell, HL2 and Bioshock (not necessarily steam, but still amazing) are both super epic, if you like racing I recommend Trackmania because there's a bunch of crazy custom maps that are EPIC.

  13. Never forget portal, one of the greatest stoner puzzle games ever. havent tried port. 2 yet, but 1 is so kick ass lol
  14. Yeah I just thought it goes without saying haha I've played through portal 1 at least 5 times, it's just too amazing to play once

  15. I remember getting it when it released and beating it the incorrect way and not fighting GLaDOS and i was like WTF thats it?!?!?!?! Then i went through again and figured it out and the game went to a whole new level hahahahahahhaa

  16. I played Portal once and loved it, but felt no reason to go through it again since I knew the story. Considering you guys gave it such praise, maybe I will revisit it for the gameplay and puzzle dynamics.

    Universal Sandbox looks nuts! Too bad it's only for PC though... *grumble*
  17. lol universe sandbox is really intense. Figuring out how to make the black holes work is kinda weird though, they dont just have a black hole object, you have to take a planet/star/object and lock its mass, and make its diameter as small as possible pretty much.... But lets say you take our solar system, and you convert the sun into a 1 inch diameter ball, with the same mass, it would be a black hole, in our universe, and it would consume shit and grow and eat the solar system slowly, but in the sandbox, it just remains the same, because the mass didnt change, therefore the gravitational pull didnt change unless you are very very very close to its surface, and the planets stay in normal orbit.....so you have to change its diameter to like 1 inch, then change its mass to 1 mil suns, and then it eats everything around it hahhahahahhahaha, they need a black hole object, so much easier
  18. yeah I'm sure they'll put a bunch of updates on it soon so that it'll add tools like that, it's a pretty new game though
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    The game isn't too new, version 2.0 is new though and the steam release was super new. I was readin its orig launch was in.... 09 or 06 haha can't remember now cause I'm baked and on my phone so I have no access.... I highly recommend taking a milky way, then a star and making the stars mass 2x milky way mass but lock its diameter at anything at or below its normal size, and launching it through the center of the galaxy at .5 the speed of light at 500000 years a second hahahahaha and watch the galaxy get ripped apart and reform over the 2x mass milky way star.

    Its such a beautiful destruction..... takes patients though..... at that scale shit takes billions of years

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