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  1. Infinity can be represented both by the infinite number of integers, and the infinite number of numbers BETWEEN integers! Whenever you imagine something, you create an alternate universe. The universe we live in was the product of that process. This process extends to the infinite number of universes in both directions of time. All the universes similar to yours are the numbers between integers, and all the completely different universes are the infinite number of integers.
  2. So there is an alternate universe where you're getting raped by a square pole covered in razor blades? Cause I just imagined it..
  3. Is this a scientific claim, or a philosophical claim? I don't see any reference to a theory so I'm not sure where we're going with this.
  4. Both. By the laws of infinity, everything that could ever happen will happen in an infinite number of alternate universes. Like the example of the inifnite monkeys on the typewriter. The odds of one of them writing the complete works of william shakespear is a finite number, although exponentially large, therefore would happen an infinite number of times, if there were infinite amount amount of monkeys. Infinity divided by a finite number remains infinity.
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    You're going to have to reference that one. I'm aware of infinity as a mathematical concept, that there can be infinities which are larger or smaller than another infinity, lots of weirdness. Any laws suggesting that though I missed. The claims I've seen come more from string theory or interpretations of quantum mechanics, that type of thing. They use infinities but it's a concept of the theory rather than of infinity itself. I'd be curious to see the laws.
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    Physicists don't agree whether this universe is part of a multiverse or whether such a thing exists. Nor do the agree whether it's even a valid of scientific inquiry. Lots of big names in physics believe it to be so. There are many who argue that the hypotheses cannot be a scientific question because it lacks falsifiability.
    As Paul Davies asks, "how is the existence of the other universes to be tested?" Is it at all possible?
    Nevertheless, it's an intriguing concept - a beautiful one, really. And it is consistent with quite a lot of other realms of physics such as The "Many Worlds" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, higher dimensional string theories, Black Hole - White Hole symmetries, etc. I kinda like the idea, myself but I also agree with the critics in that how could it ever be tested? There are zillions of potential solutions for Einstein's Gravitational field equation and there's no way to know which relate to reality and which are mathematical artifacts except by testing.
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  7. The thing that people seem to actively ignore, is that if this is the case then anything you can possibly think of is happening somewhere out in our infinite universe or in our finite universe that is part of an infinite amount of alternate universe is true.. Not only that, being infinite, there will always be an opposite.. something that cancels and balances. You want to feel better about yourself with knowing that there is an alternate universe out there where you asked the girl of your dreams out and got married, had kids and a happy home? That's cool, but there is another alternate universe out there where you asked the girl of your dreams out and she called you a pathetic loser right before pepper spraying you. An alternate universe where you're a world explorer? Well there's an alternate universe with you sitting in a dark basement all your life.. Literally any crude and inhumane thought you can think of, any happy-go-lucky everything is sunshine thought.. anything is true, if you believe that shit.. and if you do believe that, then you need to remember that there will always be the opposite in infinity.
    Not only that, seeing as all possibilities are in fact true, and it being a possibility that we have one infinite universe where possibilities are only possibilities, then wouldn't it be true that alternate universes are only possibilities? People seem to want to believe in every single other possible possibility, except for the possibility of reality.
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    It's all within the Infinte Mind; but the multiverse is not a hypothesis which I need to be true, or factual, in order to avouch that.
    Scientists, or physicists who accept the B-theory of time, such as Einstein himself, assuredly accept the main premise of the OP (that is, that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, exists, "out there", in one infinite and eternal present).
  9. here's a theory that completely goes against the original idea in this post, as it's best to see BOTH sides of the coin, whenever possible. If there's an infinite universe, an infinite number of people from an infinite number of universes would be visiting ours at any given moment. That's a paradox to consider! (Same applies for time travel -- if time travel ever existed at some point in (endless) time, we would have had people passing through our moment in time at any moment)
  10. I'm not worried about the other me's in different worlds because the only I that I will ever experience is the I that I am currently experiencing.  :smoking:  What does that say for spirituality?  
  11. But what if you're constantly shifting through alternate universes to expereice? And your extra-dimensional movements across the multiverse go un-noticed?!
  12. Time travel would be in the 6th dimension which is like the 5th but doesnt follow any laws of physics..time wouldnt exist in either one so the 5th dimension would just be like a blob of all instances that could possibly happen within our laws of physics and we are just weaving through as we observe it from the 3rd dimension
  13. The theory of 10 dimensions are based on the idea of them existing in groups of three, since we exist in three dimensions (length, width, depth)

    Point: Dimension 0 (0 Dimensions)

    Directions in space: Demensions 1-3 (+3 Dimensions)

    Directions in time: Dimensions 4-6 (+3 Dimensions)

    One "Point" in the 7 dimension is composed of a combination of everything in dimensions 1-6 in our universe's section of the omniverse. (our multiverse) and so the 7th dimension is (+1 dimensions)

    Directions of alternate universes (7 Dimensional Points): Dimensions 8-10 (+3 Dimensions)

    Here's where it gets inconsistant; everything that exists up through dimension 6 is a point in the 7th dimension (which added an extra dimension) but everything that exists up through dimension 10 is a point in the 10th dimension (no extra dimensions added)

    I think every universe could exist in an infinite dimensional omniverse. For instance, a universe thats a never ending line could go forever on the "x-axis" while the alternate version of that universe would exist on the "y-axis" and they would never intersext, because they're a distance apart on the "z-axis".

    For all we know, the equation for the speed at which they change axis-es is different in an alternate infinite dimensional omniverse. this could be the next step above the infinite dimensional omniverse.
  14. Anybody watch interstellar? Talk of dimensions is really interesting.
  15. Fuck Star Trek.

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    It is interesting, isn't it. Hell, the entire existence of the universe - the so-called "big gangbang" wasn't just an expansion of space-time-energy in terms of size (increasing distance between constituents), it was also (in theory) an expansion in dimension from an 0 or 1 dimensional form up through whatever in the heck it actually is now - whose estimate depends of course on your favorite flavor of string theory. 
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