United States Prisons

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  1. Yesterday after smoking some dank ass sativa, i had a horrifying epiphany... Anyone who has done research on rockerfellers, america, britain, prior empires, nazis, stalin, mao etc. Know about eugenics, genocide, and population control/reduction etc.

    So I was thinking about prisons, and how the powers that be feel we the people are little more than fecal matter, they arrest us destroy our families, destroy our lives, our childrens lives. because they are the ones who make the living conditions that we live in. They control every aspect of the economy, so they create crime, and make it the only viable option of income to support a family, from doing that; who lives in shitty parts of the country? White trash, Black, Latino, Asian, etc (minorties), the people Anglosaxon authortorian power wants to rid off the earth.

    What better way to get rid of us then to arrest all of the males, the ones who protect their children and women. Throw them in compact prisons, so in the near future when the NWO actually has a full grasp on the world they already have full packed concentration camps with all ethnic minorties (Who have been forgotten and thought of as heartless criminals who deserve to be where they are because they broke the law) ready to the gas chamber or firing range.

    sorry if this doesnt make sense...:smoking:
  2. I actually found this out while smoking midz dog, they have been building these since the clinton days.
  3. They also have found a way to make a killing off it:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXOHtlvO9jI]YouTube - Part 1 - The Private Prison Problem: Not Here, Not Anywhere[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI9vEd3O0g0&feature=related]YouTube - Part 2 - The Private Prison Problem: Not Here, Not Anywhere[/ame]
  4. the government's job is to fuck with people

    our job is to have out shit in order and not let them fuck with us
  5. In order for the plan to work, the 2nd ammendment would have to be destroyed, through CIFTA or some other supranational bullshit treaty, and probably martial law, to name a few.

  6. It is so true.

    If you read the quotes from some of these a-holes they knew full well that if they could somehow undermine the family unit that the very foundations of society would decay leaving them to pick up the peices and remake society to suit them.

    This is why we have been led away from a rural life style in to cities. They understood that they needed to create a dependent population and reduce the independance that farm life brings.

    They also understood that it all begins with children and education. This is why socity is breaking down around us. It as all been intentional.

    There are more people in prision in the US than in any other nation in the world including China and they have over a billion people.

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