United States of Tara

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  1. anybody else like this show...I think its the bomb
  2. weird i was wondering if there was a usot thread the second before I saw this...I thought it was good but pretty boring and drawn out at times...they could have done a lot more with it..still a great show overall
  3. I feel like I've seen a commercial for this. Is this a reality show about Tara Reid?
  4. No it's about a lady trying to live her life with multiple personality disorder
  5. I just discovered this show last week and I fucking LOVE it. I's an amazing show. But I'm on the third and final season so I'm really sad. I don't know why they pulled the plug...the actors, the story, the drama, the revelations...SO GOOD.

    Seriously, everyone watch this show!!
  6. Great show, I watched all of it and it was great. I am sad that it got cancelled.

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