United Nations securing corporate interests one Iraqi at a time

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    Naomi Klein: Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? | World news | The Guardian

    Mainstream media would have never guessed it was actually something other than our "freedoms" which they "hate" us for.
  2. wtf is all i can say
  3. that's some fucked up shit..

    they pay us to destroy their country..

    and why does kfc get reparations? did the terrorists bomb a KFC or something?

  4. Any we pay our government to destroy our country.

    Welcome to the new world order.

  5. Damn. So the individuals that get privately contracted make hundreds of thousands and pay no taxes on that cash. The private contracting companies get paid premium moneys to perform their role in this war on terror, and they get an additional "bonus" from the Iraqi civilians? Unreal..
  6. One Iraqi at a time will morph into one Libyan, Syrian, & Iranian citizen at a time if the wars are not brought to an end. Bankrupting our own nation to dismantle and steal the wealth of other nations for a VERY select few.

    And Americans wonder why the world sees us as a threat...
  7. Fuck corporate reparations, Iraq has oil and they charge the United States military full price for it in their own country and we, like dummies, pay it! We should have just TAKEN oil. We got rid of Saddam for them, at a great price in lives and expense, so at the very least they could have given the United States military a discount on oil, if not free. It's not like they don't have enough of it.
  8. They better be paying us, look at all the dead soldiers!

  9. >_> :confused::rolleyes:

  10. While we're already policing their streets and installing a new regime we may as well confiscate property too? What about the CIA funding and training Saddam which put him into power in the first place?
  11. Stealing natural resources would only cause Iraqis to further resent us, meaning more insurgents, more loss of American lives. We already destroyed their infrastructure and put our man in power, now its suggested we outright steal from them.

    Meddling in Iraq has done us no favors, so why would we want to continue to find new areas to stick our noses into. If we simply withdrew our troops asap we wouldn't need to worry about how to finance an unnecessary war in the first place.

  12. If we're going to be there, then why fuck around - they have the oil and we should just take what we need, nothing more and nothing less. If that's asking too much, then we should get the oil at cost, not at a jacked up price like the current situation.
  13. You assume we have to be there, we don't. Don't try to justify the further theft of wealth from Iraq, all theft is immoral. If we continue to further rape the Iraqi people of what material wealth they have and place more future debt on them through 'war reparations', they will not only continue to hate us but their hate will also grow exponentially. Our continued occupation only serves to further radicalize the Iraqi population, and the Arab population at large. It's a lose lose situation.

    The only plausible option is full withdrawl.

    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

  14. America should just regulate the global economy, we've done such a great job back at home who could turn down our double A rating?

  15. It's actually AA+, according to Standard and Poors, which is still beyond decent and certainly better than many - but this is not the only rating and others, such as Moodys, have not downgraded from AAA.


  16. Your apathy about what we do to them, directly contradicts your passion when it comes to denouncing what they have done to New York.

    You think it was so atrocious they they flew planes into American buildings, but when it comes to us murdering and plundering you think that its okay because "they started it."
  17. The ethics of war, or lack of, is a huge topic, and far too much for anyone to tackle in this kind of dialog. Suffice to say, war is horrible but they did draw first blood - a LOT of it, in fact and were asking for retaliation - to keep threatening us with more attacks, right after 9/11 was incredibly arrogant, and stupid, of them.

    Even a dog understands that you don't bite the hand that feeds you, and if it doesn't then it must be destroyed.
  18. are you saying that Iraq is responsible for 9/11?
  19. Where are the WMD's?
  20. A vast majority of these corporations are also currently operating and selling goods in Iran.. a country the U.S. has "sanctions" on. The corporations will get a profit from anything, no matter how they do it. Our government is ran by them, anyways!

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