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  1. I'm a senior economics student and I'm just dragging ass so bad at the idea of continuing on with my current job situation. Line cook. Working until 1am when I have class at 9am the next day isn't working out.

    Just wondering if any other college(or anyone) has made a substantial amount of money without a job and how.

    I can say for myself there is something called demand studios, google it, and I have made decent money on that site. Mostly for writing stupid, short, mindless articles on how to do things, but like I said, I made a wee bit of cash, and I'm not talking 2 hours of work for 25 cents, I actually made 60 dollars in an hour on there but its god damn mindless/boring.
  2. Props on being a line cook, I used to be one too. Get your mise en place ready haha :p

    With an economics degree, you should be looking into some entry-level analyst positions or internships if you can spare the time. Why are you seeking to do odd-jobs when you have a degree already? You should start looking for serious positions that offer room for growth, and can jump start your economics career.

    What university, and are you pursuing a B of A or B of S ?
  3. I'm a senior, about to start my final year. I've got something like 39 hours left and they're all senior level econ courses. I'm looking at a heavy course load, of all hard courses, so being a line cook until 1 am and getting up for my super important 9am classes is going to be tough. Looking for internships but the ones I have found are unpaid and I simply can't afford it. I am in that dreaded portion of students who's parents make too much money for me to get a lot of aide, but not enough money to actually help me with college very much.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I go to a major university in West Virginia. That should narrow it down, and I'm doing a B.S., which is really really really tough as far as calculus and whatnot.

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