Union Workers *Probably* Torched a Quaker Meetinghouse Over Christmas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Probably/almost certainly does not cut it for me.
  2. Like that asshole childhood 'friend' that knocks over the board game when losing...except in this case he starts a fire in your bathroom. Fuckin lame!
  3. Yeah!!! Raze the fucking city because they wont employ union workers!!!11!!1!!!
  4. Unions should be the interest of every worker so they do not get exploited.

    For example, walmart workers.
  5. On a mission to civilize.. by burning crap to the ground! Makes perfect sense.
  6. [quote name='"WillMcAvoy"']

    Good for them! That is what they get for hiring/replacing the union workers with non-union workers[/quote]

    So...... to clarify.....your an immoral violent statist who advocates straight fucking arson on people who disagree with your idealogies.....

    This WillMcvoy is a laugh and a half so far......
  7. This WillMcAvoy is for justice!
  8. ^ You're pretty good McAvoy
  9. Wouldn't doubt it.
  10. Huh?:confused:
  11. Assuming they were the ones who committed the crime, the Union was wrong in this incident. Still, that is no reason to try and do away with labor unions. My father was a brick mason and a member of a labor union for over 30 years. He finally ended up blowing his back out about 2 years ago on the job and had it not been for help from the Union in getting worker's compensation he'd have been shit outta luck.

  12. I agree, I don't believe in banning unions or any of that nonsense however I would like to see government unions busted and the seperation of politics and unions (same thing should happen with corporations) As it is they are intermingled and are corrupted by each other.
  13. Union power is far less superior compared to the power of a corporation..

  14. Neither is a person whatever the Supreme Court might say.

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