Union causes 175 restaurant workers to lose their jobs

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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/09/nyregion/after-winning-a-raise-175-casino-workers-in-queens-lose-their-jobs.html

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    Too bad they couldn't just club the employees to death.
  3. Huh??
  4. The thread title is a bit off.  Yes, the casino decided to remove the jobs in part because of the pay increase, but the cause of any job termination is still on the employer.  There are plenty of companies out there that maintain divisions within the company that don't make a profit and off set it by revenue from other divisions.  Clearly they could afford it and maintain the restaurant as a convenience for their patrons.  The restaurant wasn't making profits from the very beginning, so it is quite possible the casino would have closed it and laid off those workers regardless of the unions negotiations for higher wages.
  5. casino restaurants always lose money...the food service is there to keep people from leaving to go eat, not to be a profit machine...they are LUBE for the real money machine, the casino's gambling areas.
    employer could have left all the people employed and taken a smaller 'profit'...but instead closed up shop like a pouting little kid "<sniff>I'll take MY ball and go home<crying>"
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    This isnt about losing money, its called union avoidance and a dirty way to avoid the Wagner act

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