Uninformed Stoners Who Think They Know What Theyre Talking About..

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  1. Heres just 2 examples and im sure you've heard them before..
    "Weed isnt a DRUG idiot, its a plant.."
    "weeds only illegal because the government cant tax it!"
    and stoners who think there are no consequences to abusing weed. idk, i dont think im better than anyone, but i just think its good to know your shit before trying to start a debate..
    Just wondering if im not the only one who's bothered by this. Weed is awesome

  2. youre definitely not alone, many people are bothered by people who assert an ignorant opinion as if its factual. its good that you prefer to know your shit before speaking on it, but most people dont. personally, i find it funny, blatant ignorance always has me laughing unless the person is trying to learn. 
  3. It all made sense until the last sentence now I'm confused
  4. So just correct the misinformation and move on.
  5. lol weed can be abused. Ive made the mistake of using it as a crutch for emotional problems. Thankfully weed doesn't have any physical withdrawal symptoms. Especially compare to unmentionables
  6. nah, they usually mean well. Besides, i hate jumping into facebook debates. ESPECIALLY about weed. things get heated fast lol
  7. You mean 90% of people on this forum? Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. My favorite is either "weed is not a drug" or "weed isn't a gateway drug".

    Pretty funny stuff, especially when you haven't smoked in damn near 2 years
  8. Well marijuana is definitely a drug but the gateway drug theory it's just not plausible it's honestly ridiculous
  9. I'd have to say the gateway theory is at least plausible, and that it requires more research. it  makes sense, logically, that someone would start off with one of the "softest" drugs, and then once they realize it is not nearly as bad as their school etc makes it out to be, they want to try the next level up (usually cocaine). i'd say it is plausible. 
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    “thats that kush yo"

    Oh really? You know the grower?

    “no why?"

    Makes me laugh my ass off
    this is a typical a-b argument that is completely based on theory. We cant know what will happen until it does, much like religion.
    We cant assume that someone will "naturally" keep wanting harder and harder drugs.
    I've never been high and thought, "Wouldnt it be awesome if I had some coke?"
  12. What about the unknown variable?
  13. Person 1- "Ah man, I smoked all my weed"

    Person 2- "Yo, I got this shit right here, it will blow your mind"

    I mean, yeah, if you are a mature adult, then you're probably not gonna do it. But if you've only been smoking a year or so, and you're a dumbass teenager (when most of us started..) then it's a whole lot different.

    Plus, how many stoners can say that weed is the only drug they've used recreationally? Not many. And they almost all just started off smoking weed thinking it's harmless.
  14. I am pretty sure not many is not the true answer to that question, how man stoner can say that weed is the only drug they've used recreationally.
  15. If this is the case then the blame should be on the people that fed us the misinformation. If we weren't being lied to all the time, we might not have to take it upon ourselves to find out what's real.
    If someone was PLANNING to work their way up the drug line, yes weed would probably be one of the first ones. That doesn't change the fact that people are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what they want to put in their own body

    But either way, if weed IS a gateway drug, we can't forget about little jimmy watching mommy popping her opiates and daddy downing a six pack on the couch after a hard day at work. Both of which he can just grab out of the cupboard and be introduced to a whole new world of altered states.
  16. A guy I know (not really a stoner but smokes a little)- weed killed 50 thousand people last yearMe: you cant die from weedHim:ya you can I looked it upSent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  17. Weed deff can be abused, look at all the fuckers on here who bitch and moan about not having a job, depressed, etc. Niggas don't know how to control themselves and lose themselves. Weed isn't the most important thing on the planet, if people would realize that, it wouldn't be frowned upon so much.
  18. This is why I said plausible. Notice I also never said "everyone who smokes weed would think it would be awesome if they had some coke." there isnt anything in weed that makes people want to step it up to the next level, but once some people realize how harmless it is no doubt they want to try to get higher with something else. can this be called a gateway drug? maybe, maybe not. it has to do with the person more than the substance.
  19. In middle school someone once told me dank didn't come off the plant haha didnt evwn bother to argue with that oneSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    That's exactly why I'd say it ISN'T a gateway drug. In the case that it were, then the determining factor would be the drug itself (cannabis). As you said, it varies on the person which implies that the gateway theory applies to a case by case basis, not the drug itself.
    For example, person A smokes weed and then continues to live their life without any other kind of drug. Person B smokes weed and then goes on to do other unmentionables. Does this mean that weed was the gateway to the other unmentionables? I would say no, since it did apply to person B but not person A, meaning that cannabis wasn't the determining factor. Of course you can't generalize on only two cases, but I'm sure you understand the point I'm trying to make.

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