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  1. i need seeds.
    i am in the uk.
    i will pay for quality if it's worth it.
    i have a closet with 650 watts hps and 2 fourescent tubes.
    space = 1.8 metres squared.
    i would like to get about 7/8 females for flowering.
    i get the feeling these £10 a pack seeds( from nirvana etc) are commercial fodder and i want to get high quality genetics ( is this true).
    are feminised seeds as good as they appear to be?
    i am drawn to big bud because of the high yield but would welcome any suggestions that include a very high yield.
    = rough estimations of yield considering my set up would be much appreciated.
    i got 250 g off 3 white rhinos the first time i did this but they had all 650w hps on them.
  2. some of their strains aren't that great, but some are. if you're looking for yield from a nirvana strain, I'd go for the PPP (pure power plant). More potent than the big bud and near the same yield... a lot of people have been saying it's one of their best strains. if you want a little step up from nirvana without having to spend much money, check out mandala seeds and tiki seedbank. both have very nice genetics and do not cost much more than the nirvana seeds.
  3. what strains would you suggest from those sites?
  4. I second mandala seeds. My friend and I have sadhu, and hashberry growing. Great germination rates, and the plants start out very strong with quick growth. Soon after the Sadhu started to produce flowers the trichomes really came on fast. Lots of trichs on the leaves for a plant just starting to flower.. I'm thinking this will be some potent smoke.

    I've heard nothing but good things about nirvanas ppp, ak-48, and the blue mystic. I'm a fan of a good strong skunk though.. Nothing tastes as good as a nice lemony skunk buds... there are many cheaper skunk strains available from sensi seeds etc. that are very potent, and heavy producers
  5. I would buy a pack of seeds, make a mother plant from them, and just clone the mother plant to get your 7 or 8 plants. That way you get the exact same plant each time. And you dont gotta keep waiting for seeds to arrive, or waiting to figure out if the plant is male or female
  6. i need yield references if you reccomend a strain. cheers.
  7. i had a look at mandala seeds and i don't recognize any of the strains. they are all low price aswell. will i be better off spending more money on seeds or are all these nirvana mandala etc professional?
  8. you don't recognize them because the breeders give them their own names. the hashberry and speed queen are only 2 dollars more expensive than the nirvana strains on seedboutique.com and same goes for tiki if you just got their mix pack. and about more money...you won't find seeds cheaper than nirvana anywhere, so, yeah... if you don't want to spend much maybe you should just attempt with some bagseed first
  9. thanks for the advice but i don't think you've read what i said properly. i'm more than willing to pay more if it's worth it. i just want toknow if these nirvana seeds are top quality i.e professional.
  10. some of them are pretty good quality like the PPP and AK48 and a few others... but there are better companies. just look around on seedboutique.com or drchronic.com... there are TONS. I wouldn't suggest buying a really really expensive kind for the first attempt incase you mess up.

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