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  1. Does anyone here primarily smoke alone? I smoke a lot, at least once a day, and it's almost always by myself. Speak out, solitary smokers.
  2. I love social smoking, but i also enjoy time alone late at night before bed...smoke a bowl, have a snack or whatever, watch some tv or read a book and chill...just don't get too antisocial withy our smokin habits, it can lead to social development issues in the long run...
  3. I love to toke alone. Im very content with sparking up and chillin. I suppose when you have multiple personalities it can be a good time all the time :D
  4. ahhhhhhhh sensi your avatar has two girls smooooooching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I smoke alone all the time, one of the primary things I do is think and I can't do that when I'm toking with friends. Both are good but being alone allows for more control, if I want to listen to music I do, if I want to read I can, if I want to sit there in a stoned stupor with my hands down my pants no one is going to stop me.

    and sensi, those chicks in your av are that tatu band right? I know they tend to get naky and do the female erotica jazz but what is their music like?


  6. Hmm...this is interesting, and disturbing. I've done a lot of smoking alone in the last year, and I've been having a hard time making friends lately. My old friends have also abandoned me. But if it's true what you said, how can smoking alone affect social development? What exactly is social devlopment anyway?

  7. nah its just a poster of 2 damn sexy women. itll be hung on my wall for sure when I get a place of my own :)
  8. okay, I swear I saw that on a tatu album cover or something though...
  9. Personally, I like smoking alone better....now, I'm not saying I never smoke with other people...I actually smoke with other people more than alone, but usually I like being alone. Me and MJ, bonding :D
  10. tatu is an alright group. they have kind of a 80's techno vibe to them. And the musici videos are great to watch (Download the Malchik Gej video on kazaa and see what I'm talking about)
  11. I like to smoke alone, I wouldn't waste my pot on so called (friends).
  12. i do alot of smoking alone on account of not knowing any one at my present location. that and i am perfectly content on smoking out and about by myself.
  13. I smoke alone every night. I never have had social skills.
  14. yeah i smoke alone lots.. i think i actually like it better.. just being able to chill and spark, and listen to whatever wierd, obscure songs i want without having my friends give me that 'what the fuck is this shit' look

    and i dont think sensis av is a tatu cover.. it was a guess ad or something though... i think the photo is called 'the kiss'
  15. I think it's cuz I've smoked pot alone for so long, I'm not used to being stoned with other people anymore. When i'm sober I'm social as anybody (i.e. normal). It sucks cuz i used to do tons of social toking. Now, if at all, I smoke alone. It's not so wrong I spose, but if im gonna smoke alone i should cut back.

    sorry if this makes no sense (im "tired")
  16. I like to smoke alone at night before i got to bed but during the day i like smokin with otha ppl cause when i haven't got n e, ppl sort me out and when i have some ill sort them out.
  17. ya i like to smoke alone alot, infact i like it quiet when im stoned , so i can think, and my friends are always doing some dumb crazy shit and being looud, so sometimes i smoke with them, but mostly i smoke alone...
  18. To me they're different things, when I smoke with friends it's more social like mentioned, lot's of talking etc. but sometimes I just don't want to talki, sometimes I just want to listen music, watch TV and be totaly "off", And that's quite hard when the guy next to you has to say everything he has ever thought about. That's the main reason why I like to do it bymyself sometimes but if I had to choose between solitude or other people, I'd choose the latter. Alltough a year ago I'd choose the solitude option anytime.
  19. i love to smoke alone. no worries of what to say.. when im with a million people and smoking pot i always get quiet because im so zoned out and everyone thinks im just toooo quiet.. my favorite is to smoke alone in the morning right after i wake up

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