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unidentified, kief like substance?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by rmarte4, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. oh so i am a frequent and experienced smoker but ive never seen this. my friend (close friend) gave me this stuff and told me it was some sort of "pure THC." it is a crumbly substance, but it is also powder like similar to that of kief. the only thing leading me to believe it isnt kief is the fact the grains of it are larger than kief...and it is also a darker color than kief. it also tastes HORRIBLE if you get any on your tongue.

    can any one help me out?
    different kief?
    hash powder?

    what is it!!
  2. What color is it?
  3. pics? or idk what to tell ya lol
  4. Bubble hash. Very very high thc content. I'm guessing a lower micron as the higher generally tends to be a bit lighter colored. Correct me hash heads if I'm wrong on that. But it is bubble hash!
  5. Might be hash dude. pics would help alot.
  6. [​IMG]

    looks like a deep yellow/green
  7. dude that looks like mister noodle sauce sachet thingy stuff.../
    i wouldn smoke that dude
  8. Try pressing it?
  9. I wouldn't smoke that... coming from a hash head. take a nail put some at the tip of the nail and light the nail, if it melts its probably hash, if it's doesn't its probably some type of rock cocaine.
  10. looks like either BHO or ISO to me....

    donno, Ive had tons of BHO that scraped up similar.

    usually time in the freezer will make it look like that after purge.

    Ive seen ISO scrap up like that as well. Real nice ISO QWISO

    <-- my avatar is some BHO that looks similar
  11. Just smoke a bit and see what it does.
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    not mine but check it

    def see if it melts first idk say but i feel if it is truely one of those two things your fingers alone should be able to press it together somewhat
  13. #14 CDub 2 Trill, Mar 27, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2012
    It looks like something a "insertname"Head would need every 12 hours or so.
    Put a lighter to it, you say it tastes horrible? like Chemical horrible?
    If it melts its hash if haven't you ever seen a powder chemicals before? You should be able to tell the difference.
  14. ok so i put it on a key and it melted to a brown substance that i could sqeeze into a ball. i did smoke it out of a vape and i just got crazy high, but i also dont know the effects of smoking other things out of a vape to compare lol
  15. idk about that ish hahaha

    could be a second run of BHO that dont melt

    how much do ya trust homie

    usually BHO will Fully melt away leaving maybe a trace brown oil that in my exprience doesnt press into a brown ball lol its oily reside
  16. Its definately not heroin. And its definately not crack. JUst trust me on that one.

    That is definately some kind of hash. If it gave you a nice weed like high but just better yea its hash. Nothing bad.
  17. Its crack cocaine, give it to me asap
  18. mixed reviews about the mystery powder

  19. wouldnt bubble hash not taste horrible?

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